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Now download the free icon package 'Elegant Font'. An elegant icon cheatsheet for designers that uses icon fonts in Photoshop or Sketch. The Divi comes with a free set of very useful symbols installed as a font set. Elegant Icon Font from http://www.elegantthemes.

com/blog/resources/elegant-icon-font as composer component with less support.

Elegant Symbol Fonts - 360 of the best free symbols for the modern web

Our goal is to make the most elegant, comprehensive and attractive typeface on the web...for free! We' ve struggled to find the best symbol fonts for our own project, so we chose to make our own instead. These fonts will be used in our themes, and we will keep updating the collections to meet the needs of our design.

In contrast to conventional graphic designs, these symbols are stored in a text format which means that they are vector-based and can extend and shrink without loss of image clarity. Furthermore, these symbols have been optimised with pixel-accurate details for sixteen px and all multiple of sixteen px (32 px, 64 px, etc.). Under the GPL 2. 0 and MIT these symbols are double licenced and can be used for free.

Symbol scripts are great because they can be loaded flexibly and quickly. You can use a singular typeface and style sheets to produce innumerable graphic variants that would normally necessitate the use of an extensive set of cumbersome and non-scalable pictures. In combination with HTML tags, these icons can even become nice icons like the above mentioned links!

However, you must first up-load one of the fonts file from the above links to Divi Builder. You can then select the icons on the Design page of most Divi engines, or you can use unicode in your text to paste it just as you would from a commercial understatement or whitespace.

Unless you are a Divi fan, we have a lesson on how to use any type of fonts on your website without a plug-in that sets up your website. Then browse to the file named smart_fonts and browse to HTML-CSS -> Fonts. You will find the various fonts that you can use in this directory.

Then, perform the following procedures to load the fonts into Divi Builder. Browse to the header or text area of any of the modules on the Design page. Now you can see the fonts on the Design page. Since it is a real typeface, the letters match different keys, so the name of the typeface typed as Elegant Icon Fonts consists of different symbols in the Builders area.

This will upload your new Elegant Icon typeface. As soon as you have loaded the fonts onto your website, you can change the fonts to any headline or texttile. While the Design page has the Elegant Icon Fonts option, you can use either the keystrokes or characters below to view the desired fonts.

Keep in mind that you can adjust any headline sizes so you can save H6 for the elegant symbol fonts and drag it out as needed. This is an example of two text blocks with the same text, only one has adjusted the fonts to the standard of the website and the other is the Elegant Iconont.

Because it is a typeface, keep in mind that you can upgrade and downgrade the symbol according to your needs without any degradation in terms of symbol performance. Below we have compiled a full set of guidelines for the Elegant Symbol Fonts, containing styles for customizing your design and integration as well as for using the icons online inline.

Please read our extensive guidelines for a more detailed insight into the use of symbol scripts in WordPress, Divi and even off-line use. Symbol Fonts are an awesome piece of tooling to have when you' re building a website, and we wanted you to have the best set of tools possible. Combination this free customized symbol script with the Divi Builders own capabilities and you're on your way to building sites that are truly elegant.

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