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Passing on a collection of images is always a good way to visually engage users with your content. Upload Divi Theme layouts for art and photography websites. Divi Photo Gallery Layout Package Free: 5 stunning gallery page layouts in one convenient download

Greetings to the 14th of our Dive 100 Marathon. Maintain the vote for 100 trading days in a range of fantastic dive resource as we downcount on the stunning releases of Diver 3. There are many ways for people to view their pictures with Divi. As a full background, in full width, within a slide bar, a gallery or as a single image on a page or a contribution.

That' s why today we are giving away a new Divi Layout package specially developed to help you build breathtaking full-page art with your Divi website. Divi Photo Gallery is a set of five breathtaking gallery page laysouts that give you a wide range of full page gallery choices that you can use with or as a base for your own customization.

In order to use this new package, you must first zip the downloaded files by pressing the Get icon below. Then, in your WordPress administrator, browse to Divi > Divi Library and click the Export & Imports icon at the top of the page. Once the Portuguese mode appears, choose the Imports page.

The All. JONSON can be selected to export all your designs at once, or you can export each layout individually. Once you have made your selections, click the orange "Import Divi Builder Layouts" icon and let the download finish. After completion, you'll find five new page layout for the Photogallery available in your Divi library.

Those laysouts can be accessible from within each page by going to your DiviBuilder and choosing Loading From Library > Ad From Library and Select the one you want. Verify your e-mail to validate your account and gain free weekly dive site packages! Every page in this package uses default LiveBuilder modules that are organized and set up to build pages that are perfectly suited to display your high-quality pictures to website users.

Any of these may be used unchanged or their preferences may be adapted to your needs. One more great feature of these packages, apart from the actual page designs, is the richness of Divi know-how that you can easily gather by examining the associated section, line, and modular options.

Style accomplishments in this package can be very useful in a number of different pages, postings, or portions of your website - not just gallery pages. The Gallery Out 01 uses a lot of white space and a neat, changing raster of pictures to produce a tastily proportioned gallery of six pictures. With just a few mouse clicks, you can expand or collapse the number of pictures in this layouts using the Divi Builder's copy or erase control to meet your unique needs.

At gallery-leayout 02 everything revolves around the pictures themselves. While the first lay-out was dependent on large open areas to present its pictures, this lay-out adjusts the borders of each picture meticulously so that a kind of full-screen Collage is the upshot. It' ideal for getting your audiences fully involved in your work.

The gallery outline 03 is conceived in such a way that it makes fat assertions. Probably the most suitable way to present pictures that take up as much space as you can give them. Ideal for architectural, landscape and portrait work. The gallery outline 04 is a little like a hybride between the outlines 01 and 02.

Less whitespace than 01, but not as much as an image raster as 02. Whenever you need to add some text or other information to each image you present, this is a good use. The Gallery-Mailout 05 offers a nice, neat map designed to show your pictures.

It' s a great way to display pictures with important information such as your photo library, titles, date or city. Hopefully you enjoy these free layouts just as much as I did to create them, because we have a whole bunch more to do! Next package will be released in two working day.

The contribution will include another free Divi expansion not to be missed as well.

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