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Their company logo will be placed at the top of each page within the Divi Theme header. Add a custom logo image in Divi. Adding a custom logo image in Divi Place your corporate logo at the top of each page within the Divi themme header. Customize your logo on the Divi themme options page in your WordPress dashboard. For Divi Topic Options, click the Divi > Topic Options hyperlink in your WordPress Dashboard.

In the Topic Options, on the General > General tab, find the Logo box. Enter the full logo address in the box. If you have not already done so, you can use the "Upload image" icon below the box to do so. Once installed, copy and paste your filename address into the box and click the " Store " link to store your preferences.

In case you don't have a logo picture yet, you can use the provided logo.psd as your point of departure. When you have Photoshop, you can open this document and edit the text of the logo using the Photoshop Typing utility. When you don't have Photoshop, you can use the contained video clipboard as an empty screen in another graphics application.

Those archives (logo.psd and logo_blank.png) are stored in the /psd/ directory of the topic pack.

Switching your logo to a fixed header in Divi

It' always a good suggestion to make different variations of your logo with different colours and thicknesses. So for example, you should probably have a bright and black logo so that it looks good on different backgrounds. With a smaller (less upright and more horizontal) logo for the narrow areas of your website.

Some of the best places to use a different edition of your logo is on your solid (or sticky) headers. Often, your hard headers will need a different look than your masters. Keeping the same logo limits the way you can design your permanent headers.

Here it is helpful to have your own logo. You can design it as you wish with a different logo that has been specifically adapted for the permanentader. Reverse the colour of your logo on your permanent headline. Apply a subtle transitional effect when you switch your logo to the permanent headline.

Change and move your centred headers logo to the standard layouts (left-aligned) on your permanent headers. This is what a logo button looks like. This is the logo button with a transitional effect. This is the logo that changes the position from the centred headerstyle. Download and download the latest Divi release.

Implemented an energetic Divi CI themes. When you need help creating a sub topic, it is discussed in this article. Create two 200×131 version of your logo and include them in your WordPress media libraries. A logo is used for the head and one for your head.

When you can, make the logo's solid headers versions more horizontally so that they are not printed on the smaller solid headers laterally. This is an example of my head logo that I use. This is an example of my permanent headers logo. Note that I cut out the text to create a more simple and level logo that will fit well on a lower-height headers.

Prior to coming to our user-defined stylesheet, let's set up our menus within the Topic Customizing tool. Go from the back end of your WordPress page to Topic Customizers > Headers & Navigation > Headers Format and make sure you have chosen the standard headerstyle. Return to the Customizing for Headers and Navigation in the Topic Customizing.

Go back to head area & navigation. Choose Permanent Navigation Settings and refresh the following items: You may need to adjust the height of the menus and logos to suit your needs. The easiest way to change your logo picture with another one on the permanent headers is to use the property "content" of your style sheet.

We will use it to add new contents (your logo image) to substitute the logo picture. Go to themme customizer > additional kss and add the following kss content: url(INSERT NEW LOGO IMAGE URL ); now substitute the text with the inscription "INSERT NEW LOGO IMAGE" with your logo.

In the WordPress Dashboard, go to your Libraries and click the picture you want to include to get the address. It' a straightforward way to change your logo to a new one only when the permanent headline is activated while you are scrolling through the page. Standard logo is displayed when you browse the top of the page.

When you want to insert only a bright or deep colored image of the same logo on the permanent headers, you will like this one. You can use the invt style sheet feature to convert the colour of your logo with a single line of style sheet inversion. If your logo is for example colored blue, a reversal of the logo colour would make it colored red.

If the logo is blank, it becomes too dark. In order to apply this to your logo, go to Customize themes > Additional styles to your logo and insert the following styles (make sure to remove or uncomment previously added CSS): -webkit-filter: invert(100%); verify the results. It is a logo in color that will be transformed into a color image in color wh.

You' probably wonder why I will be covering another (more robust) way to put your logo on a permanent headers. This is mainly because we can create a nice transitional effect to the logo when it "merges" into the permanentader. We need both logo pictures next to each other for that.

In order to include another logo in your headers, we need to include it in the headers. pdf-Datei. Use an FTP client (like FileZilla), go to the home directory of your Divi themes and make a copy of the header's PhP document. Insert the copy of the headers. directory tree into the roots of your subordinate topic directory.

Next, open the headers with your favorite text editors. file type php. Find the HTML coding for the hyperlink that keeps the logo picture encased in the logo_container category. We' ll be adding a similar piece of coding to show a different picture in yourader. First it has a new picture sources URI that you need to append.

Go to your Libraries from your WordPress dashboard and get the new logo that you want to use. Next go back to your headers. php file. Locate the section of text you just generated and substitute the text "INSERT NEW LOGO IMAGE URL HERE" with the real pictureURL.

Store your headers. pdf-files. Visit themme customizer > additional style sheet and remove (or annotate ) the text from the preceding section of this article (if applicable). Briefly, the CSS reduces and increases the translucency of each of the logotypes as it moves them outside the headers.

So you have a rather trendy transitional effect for your logo when you go to your permanent headers. If you like the Centered headers display styles for your headers, you can verify the position of this logo on your permanent headers. To me, I like to have the standard headyle ( left-aligned with the logo) on my solid head.

This is mainly because the logo at the top of my nav tends to make the headline a bit too high when you scroll through a page. In order to change from a centred logo to a left-aligned logo, you can insert the following user-defined style sheet in the Additional Style Sheet boxes in the Customizer themed area.

First, insert the logo change key to change the logo quickly and easily: Content: url(INSERT NEW LOGO IMAGEURE HERE ); Don't miss to insert your logo picture logo address. Then, to customize the logo positioning, you need to do the following: Insert the logo in the logo: It' heavy not to be proud of a good logo.

So don't be satisfied with a small, unacceptable release or, even worst, having your logo hidden on your permanent headline. Replace it with a customized release with a seamless migration that your customers will appreciate. Divi does not contain a permanent headers on the phone by default. My next article will show you how to create a user-defined permanent headers with a different logo on the phone.

Should you have any problems with the setup and processing of your subordinate topic file, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our technical assistance group.

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