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The combination of the power of Divi with the power of an easy-to-use membership plugin is an exciting endeavor. Many moving parts are associated with a membership page, some of which are often ignored in tutorials. Affiliation & Content Restriction - Paid Membership Fees. Limit user access - WordPress Membership Plugin.

There are six of the best WordPress Membership Plugins for 2015.

So many membership plug-ins on the open source board make it difficult to determine which one is best suited to meet your needs. In order to support this proces, we will take a look at some of the most important functions and align each plugin against a default criterion sentence.

Response varies according to your needs and the member plugin setting is no different. We' ll put the costs in our evaluation, just as a guide. Even the cheapest plugin is pointless if it does not work with the pay provider you want or if it offers the features you want.

The following is a listing of the most frequently used functions that are contained in a wide selection of WordPress membership plug-ins. This is also the feature you need most. Each plugin doesn't include all of these functions, so make sure you know what's important to your organization before you start.

Choosing the right plugin is always a matter of equilibrium. The first time you start your member page, you may only have 2-3 membership steps in your head. There is a good possibility that in a few years you will want to increase the type and number of membership you offer. The protection of contents is the heart of member plug-ins.

One sub-category of this is the possibility of offering contents on a pay-per-view base that allow you to yourselves make a sale on a particular contents. While some membership plug-ins allow you to secure pages and postings, others also allow you to secure videos, either native or by using a second plug-ins. When you provide your members with downloading material, you should ensure that it does not fall into the reach of non-members.

Most but not all plug-ins allow you to limit your ability to download contents, but it's a function that' s definitely valuable to be checked to see if this is something you are planning to offer. Similar to how an e-mail auto responder works, using blended media allows you to slow down the delivery of your message over the course of your work. When you have a large amount of web site or course materials, it will be easy to assimilate if you drop your web site onto your members.

Also, members may have a higher lifecycle value if they can't get everything you have to give from the very first tag, which is always beautiful. It is a favorite function that is not available with all plug-ins. But there are third-party plug-ins that take charge of this for you.

When you are planning to calculate your member page traffic or downloading certain contents, this is a very important thought. In addition to accessing "any" payments Gateway, you also have easy and convenient acces to the payments Services you need to run your company. Whilst some PayPal is almost the default, other PayPal payments methods may be country-specific.

While you learn to use your new member application, accessing our premier member service will make your job a lot simpler. If you are planning to sell a course, e-book or product, be careful not only about membership sales, but also what e-commerce capabilities are important to you. While some membership plug-ins are limited to binary devices, others allow the use of binary devices.

Well, now that we've got the most important functions you should be looking for in a membership plugin in place, it's your turn to explore the various choices available to you to add that kind of feature to your WordPress website. Pippin Plugins restriction content program was originally published in early 2013. To keep things easy, this plugin offers everything you need and nothing you don't have.

Possibility to build indefinite membership packs and limit or limit your right to view or download any or all of your contributions and pages. Using contribution extracts allows you to keep some of the contents viewable by everyone, even searching machines. Extra functionality includes rebate and promotion code, membership administration, full reports and more.

The RCP allows you to generate a user-defined price page for memberships with function charts. If you have a particular payments portal that you want to use, there is also extensive development literature. MembershipPress is a simple membership plugin that concentrates on usability. The virtually complete WordPress connectivity means that the MemberPress user interface is quite smooth when administering your website.

With this plugin you can administrate membership as well as your product. Limited contents can be pages, articles, catagories, tags, data and video (with the MemberPress AWS add-on). The creation of appealing price pages for members is child's play and several price page layouts are contained immediately after unpacking. The member payment and the corresponding level of accessing are completely administered by the plugin, without you having to enter anything.

One of the new features of MemberPress is the possibility to remind you of different causes. Those automatic memory prompts may involve the expiration of the credit or debit cards, the imminent membership renew date, and other incidents that may cause a member to involuntarily exit your membership/programme. Memberships in WooCommerce allow you to build several membership levels, either payed or free.

With this expansion, members also get the level of governance they earn over their membership - with the option to update, reduce, suspend or terminate their membership. They can also provide free, reduced and sample membership. Alternatively, if you use WooCommerce to resell goods, you may become a member as part of a sale of goods.

Conversely, you can provide members with discounts on our members' purchases, similar to a shopping mall. WooCommerce subscription integration also gives you full access to membership customization. Naturally, all the other functions you would be expecting are also available, among them various membership options, drop contents, limited contents and product as well as many different billing gateway options.

member wing exX provides many functions and a free trial copy of its spyware. This is what they call a "3 minute walk to the site ", which means that you can get your member site up and running quite quickly. The sale of certain contents or the use of a combined landline and subscriber connection is possible.

Another area where this particular plugin works well is dedicated to advanced analytics (SEO), which includes the possibility to deliver a teaser that can be referenced by web browsers. MembershipWing-X also has many great functions like free access to our website, free membership and the possibility to buy and distribute our product. There are, however, some functions that you may find important, such as stripe inclusion and the possibility to contact members by e-mail before expiry (a function required in their forums).

While MemberWing-X provides reasonable assistance for payments portals, some of the portals request that you use e-junkie.com. The MemberMouse differs somewhat from the other plug-ins we are discussing today because it is not a plugin that requires a one-time buy. Instead, MemberMouse works as a SaaS scheme with a periodic montly fee. The use of the SaaS paradigm means that MemberMouse is more costly than some of the other Membership plug-ins.

It also comes with a variety of functions that make it very attractive, as well as supporting and documenting that includes over 200 items and over 60 video clips. Functions such as drop contents, the possibility to resell and resell membership, test membership and vouchers are all contained. iThemes Exchange is also a light plugin that only requires the use of add-ons that are important for your company.

Out of the ProPack, add-on prices are between $9-$97, making the addition of necessary functionality within reach. You can also find some add-ons that are available on CodeCanyon and in the WordPress plugin Repository. Incredibly simple to use, it provides an excellent user experience for drop contents. Currently available PayPal, Stripe, CyberSource, 2Checkout and Authorize are among our available PayPal and Stripe payments gateway. net, which means you have a reasonable choice of choices.

WordPress member plugin contest has become quite fierce. Although we have discussed 6 of the best WordPress plug-ins in this article, there are some more available. There are actually over 25 member plug-ins - some of which are also great choices. Most likely, the large number of currently available plug-ins is a signal that the current trend is towards a certain degree of convergence.

For me it is therefore also important to select a member plugin with an activated database. Because they can't just sit on their laurels, they' re always developing new functionality, and as a consequence, plug-ins for members in general are getting better and better. When you are looking for an optimal membership plugin for your website, there is really no such thing as a flawless response.

This depends on what functions you need and how complex your needs are. Many of the most important characteristics were considered in the selection process - paying gateway is particularly noteworthy as it is an important part of the jigsaw as well. Which functions are important to you for your member website?

When you are hosting a member site, please indicate in the comment below which plugin you are using and why.

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