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The Origin is a breathtaking, grid-based theme that tells a story through images. This theme creates a truly engaging experience by saturating the screen with your beautiful photos. It' s also appealing, which means it looks and works great on mobile devices too. Colorize window in Theme Options allows you to easily customize your colors with a color selection for each theme element such as fonts, background, links, menus, etc. A simple and sleek design with an appealing layout, Origin is designed for better presentation on mobile devices - smartphones and tablets.

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The Origin is a breathtaking, grid-based subject that narrates a tale through images. It makes for a truly appealing storyline by imbuing the display with your lovely photographs. It' s also appealing, which means it looks and works great on portable equipment. Are you an artists who wants to present your latest work, or are you a blogspople who offers your users an entertaining new way to search your latest postings? Origin is the right place for you!

Topics are constantly refreshed to be compatible with the latest WordPress release. Being a member you have free acces to all topic up-dates. We use proven encoding techniques to make sure our themes are quick and safe. All our topics are conform to L3C and are subject to regular safety auditing. Some of our topics are not always free, but our premiums offer a standard of excellence.

All our topics are designed to be interoperable with the most common web browser. Our topics have all been localised for ease of use. Each topic includes sentences of .mo and .po data that can be used to compile the topic, which means you don't have to waste your PHP work time.

Original uses the WordPress themed customizer, so you have full color management over your design.

origin, a breathtaking new grid-based topic

is a breathtaking, grid-based subject that narrates its history through images. Featuring a topic that fills the desktop with pictures, this topic offers your guests a truly entertaining and appealing time. No matter if you're an artists looking to present your work, or just a simple blogsman looking for an exhilarating new way to present your latest contributions, Origin is a good place for you.

The Origin response is complete, which means the display adapts to the display area. Original will also look great on your iPad or Android tray in either vertical or horizontal format. The Origin WordPress themes customizer user panel provides endless colour choices that allow you to easily customise the colours of your work.

The Origin is the first design we ever made to take full benefit of the WordPress themes canvas. Customize the appearance of your design quickly and easily with this tool using an intuitively designed WYSIWYGditor. Never have you used the custom ize before, you will experience a true pleasure!

The Origin feature allows endless scanning while searching your mailfeed. Rather than clicking through different pages of contributions, your most recent contributions are downloaded instantly as you move down the page. Ajax loads these postings, which means you don't have to reload your web page to get the new one.

Well, I just hoped everyone will be enjoying the new topic. If I' m not working on new topics too much, I like to write one or two articles in our blogs! Does not seem to work with my iPad in horizontal format. Great subject, though. Because there is a lot of room for it, we quit the side bar in iPad scenery view and there is no need to compromise your Widget.

Everything you see on your iPad is the right outfit. I' m using your great artwork on my site, but can I put a Twitter streaming to the sidebar? I really like the subject, but how can I prevent these spaces between the presented pictures? This is a new fantastic original artwork that I like.

Another great topic from ET. It will be great for a face-to-face blogshow I' m working on right now. l just... love it. All your things, I like them. Nice subject!!! Wow, I just like it! Are we going to be able to make a certain choice of images on the homepage links to a certain page instead of fewer multiple contributions?

In this way you can have the images in the top right hand side of the page linked to the page "X", and those in the top right hand side linked to the page "Y". Is it possible to set an image to a page instead of a contribution? I' m sorry, the subject doesn't come with this one!

However, it would be a fairly simple adjustment to all for a customized URI for each posting when it is ticked. All you need to do is let a programmer create a customized box and let them include this tag in the postlink of the index page if it is one. Beautiful subject. Is there a possibility to create a hyperlink to a detail page about a particular item of a product range?

I could do that with my last topic, project work. Or, you can just include a shortcut to your page on Facebook in a customized text widget. It is a one-of-a-kind design and a beautiful outfit. Coincidentally, does it have the option of embedding videotapes in postings or integrating them?

At any time you can include your own movies in your postings and pages by inserting their embedding code. The topic, however, does not directly incorporate a videotape into the postfeed of the homepage. This is only displayed when a postal address has been selected. It' an astonishing topic, I was actually thinking about including it in my portfolios, but there is a bug with downloading jax, if the web doesn't support JS, it only lets you go with those on the home pages.

At the moment the issue does not come with such an eventuality, but frankly it is nothing I would worry about. Your boys make the best themes on the web! Meanwhile, you may want to consider using our Lucid or aggregation themes. Fantastic work Nick! An orderly and cute motif with a distinctive raster pattern.

I have customers who like it. The next topic is one like Lucid or Aggretgate or a topic like eShop in responsive design. Nick, I only have one thing to say to describe your latest topic: fine. Well, I like the look of this new subject, but what a predicament! I' ve just changed my page to Lucid, will my readership worry about another update to Origin?

Short Q - Does the topic provide controls over the sizes of miniature views on the home page? That' what makes the design reactive and ensures it looks great on any machine. This is a raster-based, photographic/graphic design for WordPress that is not nasty, superfunctional in look and actually, well, has "elegance".

Nick, you just seem to keep unrolling her! I' m definitely going to use this topic in the near term! The subject looks great, I really like the look of it. Nick, please modify all themes available here to use Ajax Infinite Scrolling! Is it possible to configure the home page to show user-defined mail type, or is this only for default mail? I like it.

Comen says that the topic looks good on Firefox, but not on Chromes. Wonderful looking topic! There are some issues I have that relate to the Origin topic. May I have more than one IPO? I would like to know something about the pictures within a particular element of the film. What is the treatment of the two pictures and what picture sizes are required for both pictures?

May I have a portofolio of blogs posted? A great topic, which is also fully reactive, could not demand more. I' ve begun to use it in a blogs. Notice that there are no button for the previous/next contribution on the single contribution pages. Loving this fantastic piece of work. Certainly it will be purchased for one of my next project. Is it possible to create the homepage thumbnail pages instead of posting? Can I include a linking to a movie to some of these thanumbnails?

Well, what a beautiful choice of beautiful themes. I' ve been browsing around for a while to find a new elegant topic for my blogs. Now as you can see, there are cavities in the layouts that mess up the whole look I like! A great topic, although I did notice an irritating, flashing error that appears in Safari when you float on a picture of the site.

It works great in my image blogs and also uploads to my iPhone very smoothly. This is the best mix that any users would like, the best look and the fastest load. I just wonder - is it possible to use the major post/portfolio pictures for the major grid/header to pages, but then modify the pictures on the pages associated with alternate mediums?

Specifically, I would like to include the postal/ raster pictures on the title page as company photos, but if you then click on the postal/country page, the bodysign will then be substituted by a video/flash/HTML5 interactivity part. Could this be possible in relation to the given topic, or would a fundamental adaptation of the programme be necessary?

Surprising subject! Is it possible to use a post/main picture hyperlink for the raster section and the corresponding headline if one once clicked on the mail page, but then integrated a multi-media component of the master picture like flash-/html 5 pieces? Could this involve a significant change in programme or would it be possible through the subject itself, as foreseen?

Every example I have seen has the same picture incorporated over the grating, as well as the head and torso copy of the picture. That' a great subject, by the way. Fantastic-looking subject. I' m about to buy it for my new projekt365 blogs. Q. - Is there an iPad that is like floating the cursor?

I would like to receive the postal information on the iPad without having to click on the current one. When I click on a posting on the iPad, for example, the information boxes appear in yellow, but you can't really see anything because it loads the posting page itself. If you click on a topic, is there a possibility that the contributions on the homepage move dynamic like the topic "Nemesis" (http://themes.themegoods.com/? theme=Nemesis)?

At the moment it seems to be loading it and the contributions appear correct, but the Ajax function doesn't seem to exist (or work)(?). It' s great to simply select a topic and the contributions will fill up without a hitch (like in Nemesis). Otherwise, this Origin topic is awesome!

There is a postal picture and a much bigger picture in the back above the head. - or is the wallpaper generated from the uploaded postal picture automatic? Can I choose not to have a wallpaper in the articles? I' d want to erase the whitespace where the picture was.

A thumbnail of the title page is created and trimmed every now and then, or do you need to submit a small squared photograph every single times you make a contribution? Any way to modify the colour of the Postfeed page to a different one? If you have a copyrighted article, you can move your mouse over the article in the index and view some of the copyrighted articles.

A great, fast-reacting topic! It'?s very dear to me. This is a topic I really like, but it leaves me with varying empty pads that cause an Inconsistent homepage layout. When you need help, please open a topic in our technical forum so that our technical help staff can help you. Pretty great topic! Can I use it with Arabian?

Do you like your "flexible" topic? I' d like to know, because that's the key part. How can I make this topic and plug-in work better on these machines? For me, the topic looks good on the iPad. Designed specifically for the iPad and other tables.

In case you have a problem, please open a question in our supporting forum so that our staff can help you: Is it possible to modify the colour of the post menu to a different one? Is it possible to modify the Origin term in the headline of my website? Loved the look of this one she!

Courage to continue and call you from Kingwwood TV! I just wanted to say you should keep the great work! Website contributions all the while along with a cup of fashionista. I' m using the WordPress.com Premier theming.

Hello Nick, can I change the Origin topic to become rtl? I am interested in using the design, but I can find a way to locate it without ruining the CSS placement. Hello, is there a way to show postal tag in a unique postal viewing?

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