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This is the ultimate Page Builder plugin. Divi Builder takes everything you love about our Divi Theme and puts it into its own plugin that can be used with any theme. You can use it for any topic.

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ElementBuilder is supported by our easy-to-use page builder. Using this module-based system, you can create your page visual without ever having to hit a line of codes or get into a tangle of untidy shortcuts. Pull your panels onto the screen and adjust them quickly and effortlessly with the click of a button.

Easily build extended layout using column and interlaced items, and include widget-enabled side bars and plug-ins. ElementBuilder offers you a whole new range of powerful creation and management utilities. The addition of add-ons to your site is as easy as dragging and dropping. In order to administer your target page, login to the WordPress Dashboard and work on one of your contributions.

Beneath the default text Editor, you see the new visual builder. In order to append a modul, click on the "Add a Module" hyperlink to display a listing of the available items. In order to attach one to your page, simply click on the modules pane, drop it onto the screen and let go of the cursor. You' ll find that a large black square has been added to your screen to represent your recently chosen modular.

Dragging a new modul onto the screen adds it to the moduls you have already added. As soon as you have added a modul to the screen, you can configurate the modul by pressing the symbol for setting whites. When you click on it, a window appears listing the config boxes for the respective device.

Every modul must be configurated via the setting windows. Adjustments differ from modul to modul. Every modul you put on your screen can simply be changed in scale by clicking on the right and right sides of the big modul boxes and dragging it to the right. If you resize your modul boxes, the "element" on your page that represent this modul changes accordingly.

Reduced to "50%", a small modul icon in color-blue leads to an item halfway across your page. Easily reorder tiles by drag and drop them across the screen. Additionally to the moduls you can also create additional colors for your screen. In order to insert a record, just click on the "Add record" icon to display a full listing of available records.

Simply click and drop a row onto your screen to make it part of your page. Then you can move new moduls into the rows to create nests. Profiles are useful for the creation of extended grid-based layout.

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