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When you choose to purchase one of our products, you must also submit your PayPal or credit card information to our external payment processors. To add PayPal buttons to Divi Theme by ElegantThemes. Yes, Elegant Themes is currently taking PayPal on its website. Use your PayPal account or your PayPal credit account to pay on the Elegant Themes website. With PayPal, accepting payments is easy, and WordPress plugins make it easy to add PayPal to your website!

There are 12 WordPress PayPal plugins that make it easier to accept payment.

These are a variety of possible explanations why you should be able to make acceptances through your website. You might want to take gifts for a good cause. Maybe you want to resell your favorite product like plug-ins, themes or e-books? Because PayPal is one of the most widely used online channels for making purchases, it's a sure-fire way to increase your chances of making more money if you give your prospects the opportunity to use it to make purchases.

These are not necessarily the best options, however, especially if you only want to sell a few items, are a small business, or want to keep a very basic site layout. A hyperfocused PayPal plug-in is best suited in these cases. There are 12 plug-ins here that are really quick and hassle -free to use and offer PayPal connectivity for your website.

It' all in the name, really, WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart provides an easy way to insert a "Add to Cart" button on your website for certain items you want to yours. As soon as this light plug-in is in place, you can insert this icon into any posting or page. Simply download and installation the PayPal logo, synchronize it with your PayPal email address and you're ready to go.

For different types of software you can define a different pushbutton and simply add shortcuts to it. View your basket in the side bar of your website so people can see how many articles are currently in their basket. With this plug-in you can almost every palpable produkt, every services or every mediafile directly from your website sold.

Send customer a verification message with the sale links and even integrate with the PayPal mailbox for fast trials. Create rebate vouchers with expiry dates, insert SKU numbers into shortcuts, adjust the shopping basket icon, keep tabs on vouchers and more. In fact, you can use the simple WordPress PayPal shopping basket with the NextGen Photo Gallery for additional photos of your products.

Pretty good for a free plug-in, I must say. One more way to pay PayPal on your website is to use WP Easy PayPal Payment acceptance. It makes it easy to receive payment for a product, service or donation on your website in your postings and pages and even in your page bar.

As soon as this plug-in is already in place, you can quickly build Buy Now icons and embedded them with a short code. Configure different panels for each of your product or service. In addition, this plug-in lets you open the Payments pane in a new tabs, levy taxes, build a payments dedget, and select between text or image-based button choices.

When the operation of an e-commerce shop is part of your existence, then you probably need a special plug-in to optimize the operation. Shopping cart e-commerce can very well be that plug-in. It comes with a free e-commerce topic and multiple payaways. It has PayPal and PayPal Pro, of course, but it also works with Google Wallet, 2Checkout, SagePay, Authorize.net, Skrill, eProcessing Network, Cheques and Deposits, POD and more.

It also opens your website to a wide range of delivery possibilities, such as USPS, UPS and FedEx enhancements and even more. Modify your choices, build your own choices, set control choices, build your own Widgets, and more. When your main emphasis is on the sale of your favorite online content such as e-books, MP -3s, PDF or video, your choice of downloads from our website could be a good one.

It is an ultra light plug-in developed for use with PayPal. You can then make a new item associated with each of these directories. If you are selling a downloaded file, the client will be sent an e-mail that confirms the order and once the order is paid via PayPal, the client will be sent the file to their e-mailbox.

Build as many as you want, and even place customized orders. It is easy to manage the software using the WordPress dashboard. Every item is treated like a mail or a page, thanks to the user-defined mail types that this plug-in will configure. You can also include thumbnail views in your downloaded files, build a visual view of your work, and more.

With this plug-in, you can create partitions of your postings, pages, folders, files, downloads, video, and even your supports, limiting your ability to reach the general population. Then only those who go through the gateways will get in. Talking of which, this plug-in works with PayPal, Stripe, Braintree Payments and Authorize. net, so don't let anyone tell you you don't have any choices!

Works with any topic and can be customized to allow an infinite number of member states. Control how you want to gain members by mail, page, or categories; create CSV files to share members; create your own payments portal, review and upload member reviews, create member rebates, and more. When you run your website on WooCommerce - or when you think about it, PayPal For WooCommerce is at least a good plug-in that you have put in your backpack.

You can use it with PayPal Express, PayPal Website Payments and PayPal Payments Pro 2.0. It' s built to work with PayPal so you don't have to bother about the detail - they' all done for you. After installation, you no longer have to click between PayPal and WooCommerce interface to organize and track orders.

WooCommerce PayPal for WooCommerce is developed to be easy to manage possible bugs, and it incorporates localisation so that check-out button are translated into your standard localisation. So if you need to resell a wide range of products and don't want to settle for a cumbersome e-commerce tool, WordPress Easy Ecommerce Shopping Cart Plugin might work well for you.

You can configure it to resell your product, download and provide your own website with a range of different features. Material items are also easily sold, with many choices such as colour and sizes. Concerning our customer support you can provide different price level plans to meet all the needs of your clients.

Others includes user-defined boxes, sending taxes, rebates, coupons, multi-currency capability, rugged pay page choices, and customized e-mail. That' s why the PayPal response plug-in is so useful. As soon as a PayPal transaction is completed, an e-mail response is sent to the client. There is also a Pro release of this plug-in available that provides some extra functionality, such as the possibility to append attachments to e-mail responseers and an infinite number of response template to manage more than one product.

One more great plug-in for the basket is eShop. The plug-in is equipped with functions that make it possible to operate an on-line shop smoothly. You can use user-defined mail type, for example, to build new projects, apply option settings to each project, and provide elements to download. Additional functions are inventory checking, order processing in the Dashboard, user-defined non-stock notifications, rebate option, VAT option, multi-site compliance and easy statistical monitoring of your selling information.

You need to give your website users the opportunity to buy your product or service but don't want to bother to set up a full on-line shop? PayPal Shortcode PayPal Payments plug-in can be helpful. You can then insert it anywhere on your website, even in the side bar, to allow payments via PayPal.

Sometimes you don't sell anything at all, but still want to take some kind of payments. Because PayPal is such a favorite pay portal, the PayPal donations plug-in is a good one. This works by attaching a brief piece of coding and a Sidebar widget that you can set up to receive contributions on your website.

Simply enter your PayPal ID and choose from some options such as buttonstyle, money, localisation, payment page styles and returnstyle. Just put the speed dial or broadget on your website and you can begin receiving contributions for a good cause. Since you should never be restricted to just one choice, Donations Made Easy is another great plug-in that allows you to pay PayPal for contributions on your WordPress page.

This allows you to create the conditions for receiving contributions for a broad range of uses. This plug-in has five different donor support options, among them Classic, a PayPal or WePay classic that leads a web site user to a payments page; Text field that provides a custom PayPal or WePay icon; Three buttons that allow web site users to choose from three predefined donor types; Drag bar that allows a web site web site user move through to choose the amount of a gift; and Professional form that allows you to collect extra information from your web site web site users.

Configure e-mail autoresponders and a donor target measuring device, multi-currency acceptance, and more. And there are many good reason why it is necessary to be able to receive payment through your website. The ability to pay via PayPal gives you even more ways to sell and achieve your fund-raising objectives.

I hope these 12 plugs will give you many choices if you take the right look at your website.

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