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There are no restrictions on how often you can download or use a design, nor do we limit the number of domains on which you can install our designs. Below are ElegantThemes.com's customer service details, including phone and email. Sites are as important as a phone number to be functional. Hello folks, I use DIVI on elegant themes.

Elegant Themes Contacts for Support

Contacting elegant themes: Below are the ElegantThemes.com support information, phone and e-mail included. In addition to the contacts, the site also provides a brief summary of the topic Entwicklungsgesellschaft. Classy Themes, Inc. Howard Street 1233, Apartment 3A, Elegant Themes is a WordPress themes and plugins developer established in 2008.

Established by Nick Roach, the firm is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has more than 60 employees. The Elegant Themes' schedule of topics includes more than 90. Elegant Themes allows the user to create any type of website. Among the moduls that can be included are Gallery, Video Slider, Slider, Testimonial, Audio, Call to Action, Contact Form, Pricing Table, Portfolio, Accordion, Shop, Map or Blog.

In order to start with Elegant Themes, you must register for a subscription. And you have annual or lifelong entry. The annual subscription gives you full coverage of all topics, plug-ins, upcoming topic upgrades and complimentary technical assistance. Please be aware that Elegant Themes has a 30-day returns policy. Please contact Elegant Themes for more information.

Please contact Elegant Themes for more information or questions about payments, refunds, cancellations or other issues.

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Update Divi Features! Today we introduce Multiselect and Bulk Editing for Divi, an amazing new function that gives you the ability to create sites with a new level of performance and effectiveness. Now you can choose more than one element at a Time, and mass action the whole group of them.

Simultaneously draw, file, copy, insert, erase, and even manipulate the look and feel of everything. Rather than tediously making changes to a group of items individually and over and over again, simply choose them all and process them all at once.

Stylish designs support uncovered areas

During our recent reviews of the Elegant Themes online services, some of our users have noticed a lack of assistance. Indeed, it is quite usual for blogs posters checking the Elegant Themes site to get many feedback from members who praise the topics offered, but also criticize the level of assistance offered.

Major issues seem to be sluggish reaction time in the help forum, and if the answers are given, they are inadequate to resolve the issue. Whilst 39 dollars for accessing over 80 topics seem to provide good value for your money, it is not so much of much if the business does not provide the services sufficiently supported.

Things can get worse if you're construction projects for customers who use the themes, and are in the midst of dissatisfied customers and unreactive customer care. Since non-members cannot see the Elegant Themes Suport fora, and there are allegations of unsubscribed or unsatisfactory postings, we have chosen to examine the standard of our own services and provide a narrative of our outcomes.

As soon as you enroll in the Elegant Themes program and choose either the Staff or Development Plan, you will receive one year of membership for $39 and $89, respectively. In this way you have full subject and ongoing update coverage as well as one year of free subscription to our Premier Technology Solutions.

There' also a Lifetime Acces price scheme that gives you instant and eternal free entry to everything for a one-time $249 pay. In order to get help with your topics, you need a life or activity schedule. Whilst the documentation for each topic is comprehensive and covers the use of the topic in detail.

Key areas of critical endorsement were the discussion boards and the Ticketing system. Concerning the available chat rooms, there is only the board. We do not provide phone or e-mail technical assistance. If you open a new issue, you are actually posted in a board (to which all members have access).

At first I found this a bit bewildering as most of the ticket counters I used in the past had a personal ticket system where ticket creation was done and then only available to the users and ticket people. On Elegant Themes I saw the button 'View Your Tickets' and 'Search Tickets'.

It turned out that you had to go to the boards and make a 'New Topic'. Elegant Themes' use of a board has its benefits, as other members can answer your problem with their hopefully useful suggestions. In addition, searching in earlier issues that have already found an answer to their problem is easy for them.

The use of a board also has its drawbacks. There are four subforums in the fora: The subforums themselves are subdivided into four subforums: Generic assistance comprises things such as general queries, proposed topics and field reports. For each topic, the Topic Subforum contains a subforum in which topic-specific topics can be addressed. Elegant themes does not provide official help on customizing, so the topic Customizing Board contains a sub topic and a help section where help is not available.

If you publish a new thread in the topic-specific forum supports, you need to deactivate all your plug-ins. Does the elegant themes have good appeal? Although I haven't received a genuine call in the past to use Elegant Themes case check functionality, I have added a few themes to this case check and started to give them a good customization.

So I dive into the setting and push the themes to their limit. Whilst the themes were not interrupted, I had some question as to why they behaved as they did. Instead of trying to figure out their inner lives as I would normally do, I opened a few ticket for my question (i.e. post to the forum).

In order to test the Elegant Themes Supports I have opened three open issues. One of the issues in question was the performance of a particular topic. Turns out my problem wasn't something that could be changed by the design adjustments. That made it a problem of adaptation that Elegant Themes do not formally endorse.

One of the technical helpers, however, answered my question within 7 min with a customized style sheet to fix my problem. This was a very fast answer and I was very much amazed by the fact that the supporter was helping me when, due to the type of query, he was not required to do so.

Now the interviewee asked me a number of questions about how to set the topic. This small example shows that the Elegant Themes technical staff is doing a good job of reacting to ticket requests within 24 hours. Searching the Suport forum, a very small number of issues were found that were not solved to the customer's complete satisfaction. However, the number of issues was very small.

However, by and large the overwhelming bulk of issues seemed to be resolved, with the issue flagged as resolved. One of the major problems in supporting Elegant Themes seems to be the lack of consistency. Answers to some questions are quick, while others are said to be weak. Several commentators in other blog posts have talked about favouritism, and those who are too sophisticated are ignored by the technical staff when they open a new issue.

Interesting to know how to manage your ticket. In the past, when I worked at a help desk, ticket assignments were often to individuals or a subteam of individuals. Meaning that everyone on the squad could see what kind of ticket they were up against.

I' m not sure how this would work if you used a forums. Is it possible to assign contributions to a specific member of the board and place them in the waiting line? Is it up to employees to select the forums they want to post and the clients they want to reply to? The use of a ticketed system that the client could use would also allow him to apply for escalation or assignment of his tickets to another member of the technical assistance service if his experience was not satisfactory.

Nowhere could I find a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that defines the reaction time for the technical assistance. The creation or release of such a file may help clients to feel the frustration of being supported as they know how long they can await a reply to their request. Also, it could help the customer service staff process ticket requests more consistent, at least in the customer's view.

Whilst the qualitiy of their themes is subjective: you either like their design or you don't. The definition of the assistance with an SLA could help to remove part of the subject matter from client feed-back on support: Do they react to issues and solve them in the scheduled timeframe or not?

The Elegant Themes supports badly? By better administering users' aspirations and making clear what is offered under the heading of "premium support" and what is not, as well as implementing a more efficient or transparency approach to ticket management, they could make a major contribution to addressing the major areas of discontent where a voice majority of their clients feels they are familiar with the services.

When you have certain ticket (s) that you think have been handled well, please contact us.

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