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Best 12 WordPress Plugins for Web Developers With WordPress, anyone - no matter what subject - can learn and do their thing. This ranges from blogs and authors, design professionals and creative people to junkie artists and programmers. Whilst there is no shortage of WordPress plugins in the word, we want to introduce some of the plugins that we think will encode junkie that exist can take some advantage of your play.

So if you don't know anything about Freemius (or know about it and don't use it), and you make plugins - think about it. Freemius not only allows you to sell through the backend administration panels of WordPress, but also offers you an extremely great opt-in that gives you an enormous amount of customer response.

When you develop a WordPress project, it's a good idea to use the available amount of work. Relatively new plug-in, HealthCheck, gives you an overview of what your entire WordPress page does. If you are working on a WordPress topic that you want to include in the WP.org Repository (or just work on one in general and want to make sure that its source matches the snuff), you should use Theme Check to make sure things go as intended.

Using the new automatic system for reviewing topics going into the repository, performing a fast-scan with this plug-in is the same as performing a pre-submission review. Verify it before writing the first line of your coding. When there is a plug-in that developers should not ignore, it is WordFence.

While you may never have even learnt about this plug-in, I assure you that you will not forgive it. When you are an administrator and want to see what a member sees, simply click a pushbutton. All of us exchange topics from time to time. Therefore, you probably definitely want a plug-in that can do this for you.

That'?s the plug-in. There'?s no device site I make that doesn't contain this plug-in. So, if you're creating something you don't need the eyes of the earth to see, you can set a whole site passphrase. Unless you want to protect the entire page passphrase, give them a chance.

Maintain your standard topic while working on and optimizing a second design at the same design stage. It'?s like having your own little WordPresspeakeasy. However, a fully featured Files Viewer in your WordPress administration area is incredibly useful. Ever since I found this, I've put it on every website I work on, and I can't even start measuring the amount of free space it has given me.

This is really just scraping the interface of device plugins for WordPress, but these are the dozens that are really must-haves. Which are some of the WordPress plugins you should have during development?

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