Elegant Themes Pricing

Stylish Topics Pricing

Stylish designs reduce the price of what you've already paid, so it's worth it if you've already sold many Divi projects. You have heard a lot about elegant themes, but are still not convinced? So what's the price for the elegant themes?

Price changes for new members

We will increase our basic subscriptions rate for all new subscribers from $39 to $69 next weekend. We' re increasing the prize because we believe it will eventually lead to the best products and the best experiences for our people. We' re on the quest to produce not only the cheapest themes, but also the flattest, most stunning themes you'll ever use.

These efforts are reflected in the way we have crossed the line with our latest Divi topic, and you will see this kind of innovative approach in our new work. At $69 for full use of our whole subject library, the cost is still unbelievably low in comparison to our competitors.

Our pricing changes keep our packages very accessible and at the same place make us more agile and better prepared for innovation. Our $89 dollar development subscription will not be affected by this pricing adjustment. Our most favorite choice is the Development Pack, which means that this pricing shift will not impact the vast majority of our newcomers.

Although our rates are rising, we still by far provide the cheapest themes. Our $69 per year parcel is around 80% lower than the competitive market rate. The following is a brief comparative of the costs of full topic sharing and one-year assistance from topic stores offering a similar bundle.

Increasing our pricing to guarantee sustainable and efficient operations. By increasing the rates we will improve the relationship of employees to customers, which means that all our customers will receive more attentiveness from our staff. As a result, technical assistance will be improved and Bugfixes and Topic enhancements will be processed more quickly.

Whilst our default memberships will be slightly more costly, I believe that the value appreciation for all our clients will clearly offset the pricing changes. It is our aim to design the best themes and offer our clients the best value from their purchases. If I' m not working on new topics too much, I like to write one or two articles in our blogs!

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