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SEO Guide for WordPress; SEO articles on the blog of Elegant Themes. Six sophisticated SEO tactics that will significantly boost your seek and find.

Do you know that 80 per cent of all web travel starts with a single web browser? Correct SEO means the improvement of your rankings, which in turn means more visitors, convert and earn. Just plug in one of the many great SEO plug-ins, fill in the form below with the cutouts for each item and you're on your way.

The following are a number of next stage technologies for searching machine optimisation that can help you (significantly) raise the volume of your website visit. And the better you can serve your audience's needs with your contents, the greater the chance that they will click on your news stories, view your stories, go to your e-mail lists, and/or buy your work.

In order to find out more about your audiences, just go to the website and enter your main word in the seek tool. You can also analyze the searches that others enter in Google. Multiple utilities gather information from the auto-suggest function in Google and can give you suggestions for contents and long-taileywords.

Take a look at Übersuggest, Keyword Tool and AnswerThePublic. If someone is clicking on one of your hyperlinks in the results, where will they end up? All of us know that our contents are royalty, and many of us regularly create new contents for precisely this purpose. One more intelligent way is to use the same contents and transform them into different shapes.

Now, Jay Baer of Convince & Convert makes it a regular occurrence to turn a single item of music into eight. In addition, there are other advantages: You can use the newly published contents to draw your eye to and link to high-authority sites such as Slideshare, YouTube, Docstoc and Quora. To maximize the impact, make sure the new contents are as good as the originals.

Because we' re already discussing using legacy contents instead of adding new ones, upgrading your legacy postings and pages is also one of the most progressive SEO strategies. One of Google Hotels' favorites is up-to-date information. It' one of their rankings and the reasons why they began displaying publication data in their results (personally, I don't click on an item older than 2014, you?).

Whilst you're at it, hit "(updated + year)" at the end of the heading to let the visitor know that this item is new ( and also begin to rank for searches that contain the year). Every months his blogs bring hundred thousand of users and have many items on the first page or even on the first place of Google.

All you need to do is review your Google Keyboard under Google Traffic > Google Analytics. Here you will find keywords for which your website already has a rank. Collect them by location and scrolls down until you see everything that ranks under location ten (i.e. no longer on the first page of Google).

To see which page has rank for this particular word, click on the small arrows. Then, modify this page and insert the longtail keyword into the contents. If you do this regularly (every few months) and you are obliged to significantly boost your visitor numbers. Now, the first thing to do is create your own custom contents.

Without them, they run the risk of looking very much like your master ribbon, which Google could interprete as duplicating it. What is more, if you have YOAST SEO already on your system, you can even use your own site analytics tools to further enhance the site with an SEO track, and more. Your plug-in archives take first place in the category "best WordPress Plugins" (even before the WordPress plug-in directory), because they used the above described technology.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is something Google takes into account when rating sites. Simply put, LSI means Google is looking at the words around your catchword to find out your intention behind your postings and pages. If you use the term apples in your text, Google doesn't know if you're talking about a piece of food or the well-known California electronic group.

This can only be determined from the contents around it. It is also a way to prevent filling keywords. Even with some brainstorming, I'm sure you can find out words related to your master password that would search for the user. Be careful not to use LSI too much, as this is as much as filling keywords.

Keep your focus on the natural flowing of your contents. Our aim is to enhance the qualitiy of your contents for the users, not to reduce it in order to address searching machines. Progressive SEO policies allow you to boost your audience, enhance your ranking and make your contents more attractive to both your readership and your target audience.

Beginning with comprehensive research of users, the creation and optimization of landings pages, the reuse and update of contents up to the use of archives pages and the use of LSI, there is much you can do, beyond just completing the section of the site. It is important to remember, however, that the aim is always the end users and the creation of original and high value for them.

However, the technologies described here are not a way to play the game, but only an approach to help you enhance your web contents.

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