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Our large collection of shortcodes makes it easy to create beautiful and complex layouts. Basically, if you haven't used shortcodes yet, they are small pieces of code that you can insert directly into a WordPress post or page that does something specific. For Elegant Themes, the shortcodes are the ones you receive: ElegantThemes today released a brand new shortcode plugin - so clever is the name of the Elegant Shortcodes plugin. The ElegantThemes plugin has packed all their great shortcodes into this plugin so that they can be used with any WordPress theme.

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You can now spontaneously make nice shortcuts using the shortcut keys. Contents boxing is a great way to attract your visitor's attention and guide them to important contents within a particular posting or page. You can add any contents within the switched div, and you can even tell the item whether to open or close it when the page loads.

You can now use the Short Code page to click a Tag contents icon to generate tabs. There are two variants of this short form (horizontal and vertical). You can now use the slide bar shortcut to make nice slide shows. You can add any contents to the slide, which makes it very flexible. Easily slide through pictures in any desired format.

Slide show shortcut adjusts itself to any dimension and adjusts the size of your photo. All contents of your contribution can be protected with a passwort. You can now use your columns keyboard shortcuts to divide your contents into any number of extended styles that offer diversity and hierarchies. You can now simply browse and browse your posts using our RSS feed shortcuts.

Allow your users to quickly view and edit your site. Those nice jQuery toolstips can be added to any item, so it's a great way to append extra information to your posts without creating mess. You can now simply insert an author's biography after each contribution, along with an avatar/photo. It is a great function for sites with multiple authors.

Price tables provide you with an elegant and varied way of presenting your company's different price structure for the various different types of product you are offering. Drop caps are a subtile typographical technology that can be used to light up and enhance the structure of your postal copy. You can use the short form to select whether you want to highlight your pulled offers with one of two variants.

From Nick Roach

Among the outstanding characteristics of our themes is the large selection of shortcodes that are included. Shortcodes make it simple to design extended layout and extended element files that would previously require many rows of complex HTML and Java scripts. What if you wanted to use these shortcuts on every WordPress install, no matter what topic you use where?

We have added a new plug-in for downloading today in the members area named Elegant Shortcodes. The installation of this plug-in provides you with our Shortcodes library, even if you have not yet downloaded one of our themes. You can now use these great utilities no matter what topic you use.

This is an example of the standard 2011 topic that shows some of our shortcodes. If I' m not working on new topics too much, I like to write one or two articles in our blogs!

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