Elegant Themes Showcase

Stylish themed display case

Find out how you can use Elegant Themes Divi Theme to create amazing websites. Divi Plus Divi theme showcase and review. The Divi Design showcase: Submissions from August 2018 onwards

It' s again showcase for our daily showcase where we take a look at 10 stunning dive sites created by our members of the comunity. Every months we present the best dive sites that have been entered by our communities, and today we'd like to present the ten best sites for August.

In the Heroes section you'll find nice pictures with reddish and bluish reflection of these courses. Alternate segments show an illustration on one side and a CTA with images corresponding to the logotype on the other side. Headline contains a full-screen slide control with a color blend of blues to reds for each picture.

Round profile divides the slide control from the next profile. A second section contains blurred blues that intersect a horizontal color slope of whites and yellows. Sliders continuously display pictures of shows over a sectioned backdrop with a solid ruby overlay. Headline shows a full frame picture with the motif on one side and a CTA on the other.

A slogan above the link is included in the menue. Overlapping the next section is a graph containing large font sizes and a Subscribe tool. There is a slide bar showing the latest editions with an illustration of the bookcase, track, edition number, enumeration of contents and a order pushbutton.

This uses an unusually large headers with an interesting backdrop design. In the next section you can see 3 column and 3 row without spaces between them. The majority show pictures while one is still alive. CTA, which shows bird on a string with a cloud in the back in Parallaxe.

This website makes outstanding use of pictures. Shows a full-screen slide control with pictures of weddings. One information section shows the photographer's procedure and a CTA. Two large superimposed pictures refer to the photo type on offer in the section entitled Portfolios. This section shows articles as pictures with the headline that appears on the over.

Indicates the text throughout the site and in the menus that appear when you upscroll. Brightly lit surfaces create an elegant effect. Products, descriptions and the need for corrective actions are shown in a full-screen wallpaper with round sections. Press the S key or the T key to select the desired icon. A 3-column section with blurs and pictures shows the advantages of the products and their use.

I like the count down timing, which has a round top and bottom shape and creates an interesting look. Multiple segments use a striated colour sample. One overview section shows pictures with solid-colored shadow. The CTA is near the bottom line that uses pictures that intersect the CTA and the bottom line menus.

Shows a full picture with titles and descriptions in an inlay. In the next section, there is a Information and Blur columns that use images that fit the website's look and feel. One section about the shrink shows a circle picture with text and a flashing pointer. In this section there is an upper and lower waveband movement pattern and they move in different direction.

Batteries with numbers indicate the progress and a full picture with overwritten lists shows what to do. Uses the colors and pictures very well. Shows a full-screen wallpaper in real parallel with tags, descriptions and CTA's in overlays. From the main menus, there are button for donations, applications and contacts.

Elegant menus include a large searching field. A picture is overlapping two parts and another part contains two pictures that are overlapping with a CTA. These pictures refer to pages and complement the CTA. Stylized testimonials overlap two parts and include a pit shade to set them apart.

Most of all I like the layouts, the pictures, the colors and the menus on this page. Shows a full-screen wallpaper with a slogan at an angle in the backlay. Remaining of the page contains the same reddish-orange backgrounds. Your tracks are bent, fitting to the tag line in the headline, and each blow is slightly higher than the one before.

There is a full-screen slide control showing test stories in bubbles and an illustration of the narrator with the same reddish-orange superimposition over the picture. Full frame menus retain the old artwork and colours. This website shows a full picture with descriptions and CTA. This section contains a stylized delimiter. In the next section you will find an interesting backdrop and information and symbols.

Full width zone contains top and bottom separatator stylings. I like the case study section, which contains a multi-column format with pictures of the case study and no distance between them. Pictures use different style without overlay, coloured through overlay, and graduated overlay.

There is a Welfare section that shows what kind of blogs are.

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