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The Divi Builder plugin was developed with the power of the Divi theme and is a standalone Drag & Drop Page Builder plugin that works with any WordPress theme. Quit spending countless hours at the Elegant Themes Support Forum!

Support for WordPress

Support is amazing; just post your bug, you'll get an response from one of the presenters who seem to be able to solve any bug, know any piece of coding, and be where you need it when you need it. Really, I never thought the support was good.....

The thing I like the most is the support board, because without it there is no way in the world that I could do this... I could never have done it without you! Publication of two topics per months is unknown; I can't say enough thanks to Nick... Support in the boards is quick to answer and suggestions welcome.

You will have full accessibility to a variety of topics that are painstakingly encoded, work without break, are nicely crafted, and above all have full support in fora, tutorials, and other resource areas. Support alone is invaluable! It' re twice as much.... On top of that, I get stunning support from the support board.

100 percent without a doubt the best themes, support and going online! Topics are neat, nice and professionally done and the staff provides great support with a professionally kind and helpful touch.

From Nick Roach

We announce today new and enhanced live chat support for all our clients. Since 10 years we support our communities through a support ticket system known as Support Forums. Customer expectations of us have shifted and the way we are empowered has shifted.

In the last 6 month we have revised our whole support system and trained our staff to use the online chats to enhance the support we provide. Today these endeavors go ahead without a break. We can better co-ordinate our teams in the real-time chats and get in touch with our clients faster.

You can also use Chat to send emails, so you don't have to wait around the site to get help. All about this new system is better and more effective, and it will only get better over the years. There is still an open old support system, and the treasure trove of know-how it contains will be available and accessible.

A new live chat system is also available, so if you ever need help, just jump on and say hello. If I' m not working on new topics too much, I like to write one or two articles in our blogs!

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