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Begin here with a collection of tutorials that provide the basics. We' re proud to present over 70 brand new Divi Videotutorials for you and your customers. We are pleased to announce the full revision of our Divi documentary line-up and the launch of 70 all-new, full-length tutorial video clips covering almost every Divi theme you can think of. You and your customers now have a newly upgraded Divi for all things. Compiling, filmmaking and cutting 70 full-length video clips has not been an effortless job, and our documentary staff has been working flat out over the past few month to assemble this stunning asset.

Featuring the latest features and our latest innovation in UI creation and experiences, these redesigned video clips have been upgraded and realigned for our Videobuilder to incorporate the latest features of our divisive software. You can find all these great new video clips in our documentation system and on our YouTube page.

As well as these great new ressources, I'm also looking forward to giving you a little insight into a really great coming Divi feature: Divi-builder helper. Soon, all these new tutorials will be directly incorporated into Visual Builder so you can get the help you need when you need it.

Quickly view all our documentary footage and obey directions as you create your page without exiting the Visual builder. Our new tutorials are available today, so visit our Dokumentation and How-to pages to visit them.

Allow us to know what you think in the commentaries and don't miss to come back every weekend to get even more great Divi-functions. New Divi Builder assistant is just around the corner. It'?s a new one. If I' m not working on new topics too much, I like to write one or two articles in our blogs!

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