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Let your tumblr blog look beautiful with these free templates. Elegant Flora Tumblr Blogging Theme. 50 elegant free Tumblr themes When you are about to launch a Tumblr Micro-Socials Blogs or replace your old topic with a new one, this free Tumblr Topics library will help you choose the best topic for your needs. Tumblr is the tenth biggest online community with a clear, easy-to-use, powerful ecosystem of 6.8 million visitors per week.

Adapt anything from color to HTML for your design. Tumor is simple to adapt and administer. When you have enough free space and the necessary abilities, make your own customized design. Please find below the best free Tumblr topics of 2011. Begin to blog and post this post with your mates.

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Tumblr Free Themes: 12 of the Best Elegant Themes

With Tumblr only recently selling the business to Yahoo! for a hefty $1 billion, Tumblr has inherited an Yahoo web heritage for Yahoo to take good charge of, but that's a whole different tale. Tumor was the idea of collegiate drop-out David Karp. Though Tumblr did not succeed in earning a lot of cash from its income in addition to financing investors, it attracted the interest of billions of Internetbers.

Due to their number of blood logs and readership, Tumblr topics are also in great popularity. Tumor is made up of Tumorlogs and according to Wikipedia: Well, Tumblr is essentially another easy reporting tool and has a broad community of users and people. Tumblr had 124 at the moment of the letter. It is one of the most widely-used online publishing sites in the U.S. It may be missing many of the functionality we get on the self-hosted site, but it still has an interesting demographics and users population.

It makes perfect sense that your tumblr should look and touch good in the eye of your people. While there are many top topics for Tumblr blogging, what if you get the best for free? I share here some of the best free Tumblr themes that will give you the look and feeling of paying for Tumblr themes.

I' m only splitting 10 such topics here, and if you happen to know more about free topics, split them by comment. It is Tumblr's most favourite topic with over a million installations. The Fluid New feature includes a completely redesigned audiophile and photocomposition mechanism, improved frame and shadow, built-in Twitter, Instagram and Flickr updates, and the most elegant shared Widget ever created.

This is one of the best free Tumblr themes and the one I would suggest first to anyone looking for a free Tumblr themed. This design offers an elegant share function on its page, which gives your blogs the necessary charm. Watercolour is a humble but elegant, subtile Tumblr subject. It is a matter-of-fact subject with watercolour pastel chalks and a neat and nice outfit.

Watercolour is an excellent free Tumblr topic for anyone who feels creatively while at the same time making things easy. It'?s a good subject with more whiteness and cleaner type. It' a free Tumblr topic that makes your blogs special without paying a single cent. Another free Tumblr topic is Plaid, which is for those who don't like many blank fields.

It shows a table cloth like a background design that gives it a hip feeling and look. Get the tipster out in you with the Plaid Tumblr themed. The TumbleDesk is a great, fun, free Tumblr themed game. This topic also characterizes a neat typography and it would surely adds more flavor to your tumblr blogs.

The Vertigo is a strange, funny, single-column subject that has been influenced by the works of Saul Bass, Art Goodman and Dave Nagata. Influenced by the Vertigo classical by Alfred Hitchcock. The Ultralite is one of the most minimalistic Tumblr themes ever, with a plain blank backdrop and delicate type.

Such clear design is very well complemented by the typeface of this subject. This is one of the best tumbler themes with plants, petals and grass protruding from your post to give it a very realistic and verdant look. Turn your site upside down and give your site a refreshing feeling. This is a neat and easy free Tumblr topic directly from Esquire Magazin.

It is a colourful, typographically oriented Tumblr topic that has been influenced by the designs of Escquire' latest issue. A number of different configurations are available, among them the ability to choose the three highlight colours for the entire topic. Another great-looking minimalistic Tumblr topic, Observer concentrates heavily on type, imagery and video.

The Basic is a basic starting topic that allows you to start up your Tumblr blogs in seconds.

Featuring over 30 different fonts, five headers, five headers, persona style symbols, Persona is the great way to get your blogs started. So, which of these Tumblr samples did you like best? Even if you know other good topics for tumblr, please tell them about your comment. Don't miss to blogs about this contribution in your Tumblr blogs and divide it on Google Plus and Pinterest.

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