Elegant Wordpress Template

Stylish Wordpress template

Easy & Elegant - Multipurpose WordPress themes by Withemes The appearance of your website will be completely changed by changes in fonts and colours. Saves $34 because you get Visual Composer free with additional items. Starting with v2.0 Simple & Elegant gives you full typographic and color controls. Set up the palladium area with a simple and elegant design.

Translation3d technology uses VC standard line array overlays, allowing you to achieve the highest performance parallel effect.

Integrated Picture Box with Effect allows you to create a photo galleries professionals. Choose any of the fonts from the Google fonts libraries for text, headings, and navbar. It is also simple to add a Typkit or any type of custom fonts and load your own. Simply create a price chart with the price elements from the Simple & Elegant price chart elementset.

In addition, it is up to you to set up 2, 3 or 4 column and the aspect ratios. Simply & Elegant is supplied with various individual projects with which you can design your flexible product range. Easy & Elegant allows you to set up your own personal style for your blogs. There is a *pot document in your local folder that you can use to convert this topic into your own localization.

Simple & Elegant offers a wide range of possibilities for switching between different designs. There is a store you can set up to offer everything Simple & Elegant. The WooCommerce is completely free and is the most favorite WordPress store plug-in. Adjusts the headline fill, wallpaper and picture. Box Layouts Wallpaper setting.

Allows you to modify fonts, colors, weights/styles, and text transformations... of popular items such as text, menus, headings, copyrights... It's ultra-portable without having to touch a line of text. Dropdown list Google Fonts Select from the customizer: Google fonts in the libary are all up and running. With Slider Revolution inclusive, you' ll be saving $19.

Revolution is the most beloved and best slide at the moment with more than 1 million useers. Every slide bar comes with an imported zipped archive, so you can customize and set up your own slide bar just like in the demonstration. is the most widely-used page composer with more than 1 million users.

Easy & Elegant comes with additional features to help you make your website even simpler. Integrated into my WordPress file with WordPress natively uploaded banners, ads and via my own webpage. This is the most beloved online search plug-in ever. Nice lightbox: Reactive picture-light box, adapted from the Magnific popup of doimsemenov.

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