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In the second half of our tutorial, you'll be guided through some of the most popular shortcuts not available in the Rich Text Editor. Feel curious to learn about the most powerful WordPress shorts from Elegant Designs and this post is for you. Added shortcodes collection for all topics I' m very happy to inform you that all our topics have been upgraded with a large selection of shortcodes. What we know is that the purpose of shortcodes is to make the production of extended HTML tags fast and simple. That is why we have done everything we can to make the trial even "shorter".

" For this purpose we have included all our shortcodes in the WordPress text-editor so you can create the short-code markedup with one click on a pushbutton. Enhanced controls have been added to the visible text box to create tabbed pages, slider bars, switchable contents, and more.

Rather than entering the short code mark-up yourself, just fill in a few boxes and click Send. With our keyboard shortcuts you can simply generate a multitude of keys. All of these icons come from a unique day, but differ in colour and resize (each of them can be set using the parameter color=""" and type="""").

In addition, extended radio button options have been added to the text editors for the posting page, so you can immediately add any kind of button without having to spell the shortcut. Contents boxing is a great way to attract your visitors' attention and draw them to important contents in the article. You can now use the short code [ lear_more] to switch contents on the fly. Now you can use the short code [ lear_more ] to do this.

You can add any kind of contents within the switchable div, and you can even specify that the item should be either open or close when you open the page. You can now click a pushbutton to generate contents with index cards using the key combination [tab]. The short code has two variants (horizontal and vertikal tabs) and has automatic rotate option.

They have a width of flux, which means that they can be adapted to any page width. We' ve also added extended short code button for the index cards, so you can build your index cards using a graphical user experience instead of writing the short code mark-up yourself. Also, the short code [ tab ] functions as a multi-purpose Java Script slide that can be used in a variety of scenarios.

You can also use the [ Tab ] key combination as an override. In fact, the short code cuts your pictures to size and adjusts them to the size of the controller you choose. Simply use the short form[tooltip] to simply insert your own tips to your blogs. Those nice jQuery toolstips can be added to any item, so it's a great way to append extra information to your posts without creating mess.

It has never been so easy to promote your contribution through the various types of online community. You can now quickly and simply include your own button for adding your own button to the feature using the different shortcuts for your favorite feature. With the short code [ protected ] you can secure every contents of your contribution with a passwort.

Once locked, anyone who visits the page that is not signed in to WordPress receives the Sign in/Register command prompt. After logging in, the secure contents are displayed. It is now simple to insert an autobiography after each of your contributions with the Authors link. It can sometimes be a bit tricky when trying to organise your contents using the WordPress text editors.

However, with the Shortocde Relaying columns, you can now divide your contents into any number of extended relays that add diversity and hierarchies to your work.

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