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Updating Divi with elegant themes Do you need to upgrade Divi? First, you need to make sure that you are a member of Elegant Themes*. Please download the Legant Themes Updater plug-in. Enable the plug-in and then go to Settings > General. Now you can upgrade Divi (and the remainder of ET products) directly from the WP dashboard, just like any other plug-in or topic.

That'?s an affilate hyperlink. When you choose to buy Divi through this referral, you don't get anything additional, and Mark receives a small fee from the sales. Do not buy a product unless you believe it will benefit you and your company.

Odd bug with Elegant Themes when trying to perform the upgrade.

WP Engine's Richard was almost right when he wrote: "looks like a plug-in clash between him and the Divi topic of Elegant Themes". There is a clash between WordPress and the Divi-topic. Like if you would get an upgrade bug for any other plug-in, you get the similar substitute for bug messages from the Divi themed.

I' ve found a good explanation why in this case we see the Divi topic bug instead of the URE plug-in updating bug. There' this feature (I have an older release possible) in the files themes/Divi/epanel/custom_functions.php: add_filter('gettext','et_admin_update_theme_message', 20, 3 ); globally $themename; < < $theme_page_message ='There is a new release of %1$s.

i View %3$s details. There is no automated updating available for this topic.'; $updates_page_message ='Update packet not available'; A new release of %1$s is available. i View %3$s details. Before you can upgrade your Elegant Themes, you must first have the Elegant Updater Plugin installed to authentify your subscription.', $themenname); return __( 'Before you can upgrade your Elegant Themes, you must first have the

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