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Latest tweets from Elegant Themes (@elegantthemes). Wonderful premium WordPress themes paired with extended functionality and fantastic support. stylish topics Some useful changes for the Divi-Topic. Sitemap for Divi Builder. Short codes to show the Divi project items, such as categories and tags lists.

Add Divi's natural light box effect to your pictures. Remove the user-defined project mail item from the Divi topic. You can use your favourite Divi layout, section, line or module as a widget. Remove the user-defined project mail item in the Divi topic.

Change the way Lucid themed navigates to Elegant themed.

86- Topics for $69 (+ 20% Discount)

Today it becomes more and more difficult to find inventive, high-quality and cheap topics. You can find many topic club and topic frames that require hundred of bucks for an elegantly designed topic. I will discuss in this article a WordPress storefront named Element Topics that offers the best of the best of the best at a very affordable rate.

Nick Roach owns the stylish themed store. $69 gives you unrestricted 86+ WordPress topics and every topic published for next year. When I have to decide between choosing among different topics, it would definitely have to be ElegantThemes.

Only $69 gives you 86+ highly inventive WordPress topics and each topic has a different design and a different feature set. Every topic comes with customisation utilities, advanced search engine optimisation and awesome WordPress features. Overview of functions !! Allows you to modify colour scheme, your blogs layouts, your article controls and much more.

On this page you have complete access to the main functionality / feature set of your topic. With the fast and simple jQuery colour selection dialog, you can adjust the colours of the various items in your designs at the touch of a mouse, without already having a webpage. Completely optimised and fully compliant with all WordPress plug-ins such as WordPress by Yoast and All-in-One SOE.

Enhances the standard WordPress browse, enabling the user to browse specific category, tag, time frame, and user-defined mailtype. Blogs feed: Shows a recent posting history in a blog style file filled with your choice of category, regardless of which topic you are using. There is no point in a well encoded WordPress topic if you do not receive periodic update / technical assistance.

That may be the case with many themed stores, but not with ElegantThemes. If you are a member of ET, you can be sure that your design is always compliant with the latest WordPress release. Whilst you are a member of the Elegant Themes, you will gain privileged entry to their premier customer service channel.

Whilst we can share our experience with using the Elegant Topics supporting services, we have recently released a comprehensive paper on the subject. In order to find out how the business has performed, please refer to our Elegant Topics Supported Evaluations. Nick will add a thread or 2 every two months. Check out the Elegant Topics Blog for the latest news on the topics.

That' one of the greatest things I like about Nick's topics, he doesn't just publish the same topics with different design over and over again. When you take a look at their themed collections, you will find that they have every kind of subject, each with a classy look. Wouldn't you like to get 80+ theming and plugin accounts for only $69...!

That is the biggest advantage of using Elegant theming, if you don't like one topic, then use a different one............ There are so many topics to select from. When you look at other themed stores or markets (ThemeForest & Mojo Themes), you're fortunate to get one or two themed items for $69, which is one of the things I like about Elegant theming.

When you want to make savings you should become a member now because Elegant Themes can raise the prize to about $69 in the near term. The ElegantThemes has raised the asking value to $69. Many of the elegant designs have a fully appealing look that adjusts to your user's varying display area.

When you decide to have one of the most appealing WordPress topics of the elegant installed, be ready to see a beautiful look of your website on your smart phone and tray. Below are some excerpts from the expanding subject library: One of the most beloved WordPress topics on the web is the Divi.

It receives enthusiastic criticism from almost everyone in the business, especially because it is really one of the most versatile topics you can find. There is a fully featured builders look so you never have to tap a line of coding. In addition, the layout includes 18 ready-made layout templates that give you a certain designer feeling if you don't really want to customize a lot.

Divi's theming responds with some shallow styling features for a clear look. Take a look at everything you need to know about the Divi topic in our in-depth reviews. One of the more classy and intricate topics of Elegant Topics is Nexus, but that doesn't make it too difficult to work with.

It is a high-performance topic for magazines to present your latest news items in a media-rich form. User-defined Widget and Moveable Contents module are the ideal way to customize your homepage. It responds to the display on your portable device and gives you all the shortcuts and colour choices Elegant Themes is best known for.

Categorise your blogs, post your review with a Stern Review System, and display your most beloved and recent contributions in a tabs dedget. DailyNotes offers you the right tools to do just that if you are interested in a personalised blogs to share your daily puzzles. All too often we see blogs designed to overcome the blogger who just wants a basic writing and publishing surface.

DailyNotes has a slim look and comes in four distinct colours. It'?s not everything that can be adapted, but that's not the point of this subject. It' been developed to help you publish quickly. It' s all about styling and function with the quick and easy designs, and you can really use it for almost any kind of store.

It comes with only five singular colours, but from what I have seen, the colours are light and strong, which is ideal to attract people' s eye. Reactive styling is just a plus over the various widgets as well as add-ons to share your plan and price, current contributions, your portfolios, messages and upgrades, and even experience reports.

And I like the subject because it exploits every centimeter of the property on your monitor, so nothing is crowded or hard to see. Somehow I always find that the topics of the portfolios are a little bit hard to handle. Versatile topic is different because it is one of the most minimalistic choices you can find, with neat pages and distributed component parts to give your audience a little leeway.

It comes with boundless colours, and you can also go in there and customise the lettering to stand out from the game. Fast-response designs and shortcuts reduce the amount of work on your site, and the Asset Management Warehouse is fully collapsible to minimise issues with default asset portfolios.

Elegant Themes' Vertex Topic has a giant wallpaper to showcase your corporate identity. It''s conceived for blogs, as it seeks to occupy the whole of your computer with impressive pictures and powerful text fields. All of this will block all other diversions so that your reader can easily concentrate on the contents in your blogs.

Unrestricted colours and attractive designs are obviously associated with this subject, as we are speaking of Elegant Themes here. SeepFocus is a fast-response photoblog topic that lets you turn your WordPress-based website into a fully operational on-line photogallery while retaining all the functions and characteristics of a regular WordPress blogs.

The topic is great for photoblogs, company websites, agents or anyone who wants to present their work. Principal functions include: five one-of-a-kind colour themes, automatic sizing of thumbnails, ad management, user-defined page styles, shortcuts, and an appealing lay-out. This eCommerce topic is the flawless all-in-one answer if you are planning to sell things through an eShop.

This eCommerce topic works well on almost any gadget and web browsers, and the limitless colour choices are perfectly suited to differentiate your website. Featuring a blogs to help your clients understand how to use your product, and a special site page if you have a brickyard and grout shop. It even has a fun little slide bar that lets you add thumbnails, text, and button names when you need to unlock an action or invite someone to register for an upcoming outing.

Merging is a fast-reacting topic that works just as well across a variety of display screens. Many of the web designers' today's fashion able web designs are shown, among them backgrounds with a smooth focal point and a large head area. Elegant Themes' offer is ideal for any future-oriented look, whether in the areas of games, entertainments or on-line service.

Fusion Topic offers all the great functionality you would want from this themed store, such as the possibility to change colors and select from a variety of wallpapers. Exploreable is a brave and inventive topic that will attract those whose website focuses on travelling, geographical or overall themes.

So if you're looking for a distinctive topic that provides something different to differentiate your site from the masses, Explorable is the natural option. Google Maps integrated works really well and its reactive look appeals to both mobile and mobile surfers who surf on a notebook or desktops.

Whilst the map service's styling and integrations are geared towards a very specific target group, the Explorer topic is the ideal option for those who want to take advantage of this type of feature. I' m very fond of the Lucidian subject of Elegant Themes. Distinguished by a clear but appealing look, with lots of whitespace to make your contents stand out on the page.

As with all good WordPress topics, Lucid responds in style and resizes to fit the display window without the need to update the page. It has a large home page slide that makes it perfect for those who have a good choice of photographs and other pictures on their website.

It also includes a good choice of sidebar widgets so that your readers can easily find the best contents. It is a cutting-edge and well-designed topic that will be of interest to blogs who want an easy-to-read website that also looks good. It' really roomy and gives your contents a lot of room to breath.

The full width layouts are perfect for those who have a lot to say and are looking for a clear and concise way to present their words. Although the look does not include side bar widgets as standard, it has three bottom line broadget areas into which you can add any contents from the available choices.

It is also one of Elegant Themes' fast reacting themes, making it a good choise for those with a reader audience who are consuming contents from portable gadgets. Another full-width, reactive, bold printed Elegant Themes feature is Foxy. This homepage has a solid multi-directional slide that allows you to present your best work.

There is also a three-column section on the homepage that uses vendor iconography to list your three most important USPs, such as the service or subject area you offer. There' also a large Call to Action flag, which is perfect for getting people to click through to your storefront or your favorite game.

Obviously all this is customizable if you want to delete one of the articles, but openly said, why should you look so good with a topic. Foxy would be perfect for a company or individuals providing on-line or off-line service. Blogs layouts and features also ensure that there is room for WordPress related web site contents, making them perfect for posting messages about your service to keep your reader up to date.

All in all, I think this might be my favourite offer from Elegant theming. When you develop eShops for yourself or customers, it's good to know that Elegant theming has a large variety of eCommerce WordPress theming. The StyleShop is such a subject and it is also one of their appealing design.

Whilst the subject has a stylized look that makes it more suited to locations with more future-oriented or perhaps angular items, the overall look of the exhibit and exhibition areas are very neat. So your stock can distinguish itself on the page and does not get stuck in the used designer items.

It also shows your user related articles as they shop, hopefully helping them find the articles they're looking for while boosting your business. When you want an all-in-one shop builder with WordPress, this is a good option.

Harmony shows its diversity and the number of different kinds of websites that you can create with a WordPress Elegant Themes templates and has been developed with band in view. It has a large login area on the homepage for the display of albums and performances to begin creating an atmosphere as soon as the user arrives on the site.

Further functions of the homepage are a newsfeed and a listing of coming shows. There' also an awesome mediaplayer to present the work of the artist or artist, and the subject even has e-commerce functions with the possibility to add items for sale. Likewise, the Mediengalerie was conceived in such a way that it is perfectly suited for the presentation of photographs and pictures from shows and shows.

Whilst this topic was developed with a view to audiences, many performers and celebrities can also take advantage of this great topic. When someone ever asks you to create them a website for their group, this is the Go to Volume topic for WordPress. It has a strong home page that attracts the interest of your visitors as soon as they arrive on the site.

There is a large contents control for connecting to the inside pages of your website. Medias galleries are quite demanding, so the Nova topic is perfect for those with work who are presented in a folder. Nova is quite quiet in terms of style, but demanding enough to deliver a pro-quality broadcast, making it perfect for WordPressbased company Web sites.

It is also suitable for use on more than one size display. The Origin is a grid-based topic that works on a variety of equipment thanks to its appealing styling. There is a link menue in the box where the Widget and the Menue can be viewed, which pauses most WordPress designs.

This is a great topic and the coverage of the pictures in this section will certainly make an impression on your audience. A click on a homepage picture leads the visitor directly to this article, so this topic is best suited for those who will use appealing pictures for their blogs. Origin's topic UI is slightly different and will be of interest to those looking for an alternate to the more traditionally WordPress home page layout.

It was the first reactive topic of Elegant Themes and despite its minimum manifestation it begins to look a little outdated. But it has some powerful properties that still make it worth mentioning. A large home page slide with text boxes sitting on the pictures is a great way to attract your reader to your blogs.

Evolution also includes a good choice of page layouts that should suit most events. Although this is not one of Elegant Themes' most powerful themes, it's still a worthwhile topic to take a look at, thanks to its choice of page styles and minimum outline. It is a great game for companies and those who want to advertise a website via their services.

Chameleon topic uses the three-column homepage design that is ideally suited to display some text about your service and your vision. In spite of the commercial orientation of this topic, there is still a powerful blogs item that is equipped with a good lay-out for viewing blogs postings and commentaries.

It is a subtile subject, but one that will go a long way towards fostering a corporate identity of your company. Whos Who is perfect for those who offer a high performance newspaper or blog posters. Since the homepage offers many different ways to display your contributions in different groups, it is perfect for those who need to administer a large amount of contents.

Elegant Themes may not be the latest and greatest offer on this subject, but it still has plenty of time. Designed for real estates sites, this is a high level wordpress design by Elegant Themes for real estates sites. It is the ideal topic for anyone who is in charge of creating a website with high functionality for a realty firm, or indeed for any firm that offers it.

Developed for restaurateurs who want a powerful on-line experience and who are simple to set up and maintain. There is a great layout for the list of menus offered, with each option pointing to a page that describes the particularities of this article. My Kitchen does not neglect the tasks of the blogs.

Our blogs listings page looks great and so do the single contributions. Thats making the subject ideally suited for any shop looking to put in place Content marketing Strategies to help their on-line marketing endeavors. Whilst dining is certainly the targeted industry for this topic, it could be adjusted to other kinds of businesses with a little ingenuity.

Featuring a skew-morphous look that imitates the look of genuine hard copy, the My CV topic is a great way to use WordPress to post an on-line CV or cv. People with a graphic or image-based CV will appreciate the portfolios item of this topic. There' also a page specifically developed for posting your link to your networking profile on the site such as LinkedIn and Facebook with appealing symbols.

As with other elegant designs, you can customize your wallpaper colors and textures to fit your own unique styling. The WordPress topic is very easy to execute. Whilst the styling is quite easy for those who are looking for a straightforward way to put their detail on line, this is a convenient one.

It has a really different homepage, which makes it an excellent companion for anyone offering a singular site, shop or blogs. Whilst this looks good, you need to have some large, high resolution pictures that you want to use for your background to get the most out of this subject.

It uses some eye-catching technologies designed to impress your audience. This works quite well, but is not very user-friendly and may deter some traffic, so use this topic smart. For those looking for something other than a WordPress topic that stands out from the masses, however, they should seriously consider Gleam.

It is a slim and neat WordPress topic that is best suitable for commercial web sites. There is a large homepage slide with conspicuous transition points. It also has a beautiful multimedia library that comes with this topic, making it perfect for presenting a portfolios with pictures and photographs. Blogs template for the Biz Topic are simple to use and allow your organization to have a fully functional blogs on its website behind the look and feel of the home page.

It is a clear topic that will address those who want their website to convey a clear picture. Authors will enjoy this subject and it is not difficult to understand why. Conceived with the single purpose of offering a truly imaginative way to present your photographs, this WordPress topic offers everything you need to turn a normal blogsite into an on-line photogallery.

Artists can also make very good use of this subject, as can anyone else with a wide choice of images to be promoted. When you want to open your own shop, this topic is just right for you. It' s interoperable with a number of the most common WordPress eCommerce plug-ins, so you can get your website up and running and take orders in no time.

Designing the subject is best for smaller boutiques and is ideal for those who offer more handicrafts and handcrafted work. It is a great e-commerce topic for setting up an on-line shop with WordPress. There is no other WordPress themed club that has so many high-quality WordPress themes at such a low cost.

Are elegant topics valuable? Your topics are really in-expensive, for $69, you get easy entry to 80+ Items so I'd say it's a nice return on your investments. Not yet sure, see our summary of the most reactive WordPress topics. Do you use one of their topics? How do you feel about WordPress topic club in general?

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