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Multi-purpose single- and multi-page WordPress theme from Abcgomel The Elementy is a cross-browser, web-friendly, highly reactive WordPress theme with intuitive user interface and a clear and concise look that is a multi-purpose theme that can be used on a broad range of Web sites. Based on Twitter Bootstrap - Pro Business uses Twitter Bootstrap. WPBakery Page Builder, Easy Bootstrap Shortcode or any other plug-in can be used to simply create your website with your own graphics.

Male plug-in suport for Kontaktformular 7 - This topic contains the style for the male plug-in for Kontaktformular 7!

Element type - Multipurpose single and multi-page template by abbcgomel

ElementTy is a cross-browser, network-enabled, highly reactive multi-purpose templates that is suited for a large number of Web sites. Elementsty has more than 270 pages, free premier plug-ins and a host of customisations that will help you build your own website. It is a truly versatile tool that is suited for a multitude of websites: businesses, corporations, creatives, portfolios, blogs, shops and others.

Pages such as 404, Service, which will appear shortly, will help you to build the entire start phase of the projects. This makes the design process simpler. If you combine blocs, you can simply make a new page. Shuffle block mixes, such as Legos and you can get limitless variation from pages. It allows you to simply build your own pages. Elementsty contains more than 500 functional blocs and allows you to build a variety of page combo.

When you don't need all the items for your website, you can simply delete the unneeded items. The code of the original neat, kind and well annotated. Even in the presented templates specific grades are presented for fast and simple adjustment like e.g. appealing borders / padding / type face families / type face sizes / type colour / type face weights / bg colour / overlays / left colour / etc.

That makes it easier to process and adapt the original. Elementty also incorporates Revolution Sliders, OWL Carousel, Mega Menue, Ajax Masonry Blog, Timeline Pages, Google Web Fontting, Sticky Menue, Tons of Feature Sections and more. There are many re-usable items in the template: Elementsty has neat coding and good doc.

Elementary characteristics: Are you looking for a WP/Joomla/Drupal/etc. programmer to work together to change topics to WP/Joomla/Drupal/etc....

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