Eletone Moisturizer

Electron moisturizing cream

Acts by moisturizing the skin to reduce itching and irritation. The best moisturizing cream for face, body and scalp. Dermatitis and eczema cream for the relief of dry, itchy and cracked skins. The best moisturizing cream for face, body and scalp. A 100% natural remedy for babies and adults.

Calms inflamed skins without oily ointment

Do not use this medicine for longer than 7 nights and ask a physician if the conditions worsen, if the symptom persists for more than 7 nights, or if it dissolves and recurs within a few nights. Pure water, MSM (organic vegetable sulphur), Canadian willow complex, sunflower oils, tamanu, jojoba, glyceryl stearate (vegetable), stearic acid (vegetable), caprylic/capric triglycerides (coconut-based),

Natriumhydroxid (natural ph-Balancer), Xanthan, vegetable trace elements, chamomile extract, vitamins A, D & E, OPA (organic plant acid extracts), ethereal oil of volcanic sap.

When you fight sweet itch... come in!

Mine is 13 months old and we've been struggling with his dermatitis for about a month and a half. Physician initially prescribes Eletone Creme. This Rx we used for about 3 whole day and his sweet itch got so much more severe and spreads all over his whole being. As I recalled the pedicure and explained what had been happening, they said I should stop using this creme and prescribe Hylatopic Foam.

We' ve been using this for a whole weeks now and there's no improvements. So today I phoned the pedicure again to see what I should do. I was told to change the froth and creme day (Pedi thinks I may not have used it long enough for it to work) and call her back on Tuesday.

Additionally to medicines we have changed him to the Silica formulation (if he has a dairyallergy which causes it - advised by pedicles). We have also begun to use a very gentle detergent from Cetaphil for bathing - only when necessary and with Eucerin before every medication treatment to moisturize it.

We know that many infants suffer from dermatitis and it's perfectly natural, but we have some very dear boyfriends who have gone through hell with the dermatitis of their DS. When you have or are fighting sweet itch, you can tell them what works for you.

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