Elidel Ingredients

Ingredients of Elidel

Never use Elidel cream. Are there any details contained in this brochure? This does not replace a conversation with your physician or chemist. Newer information about the drug may be available. Make sure you talk to your chemist or physician to get the latest information about the medication.

This update may contain important information about the medication and its use that you should be mindful of.

Their physician has balanced the risk for you or your baby to use Elidel creme against the advantages they anticipate. Since Elidel can be used on infants as young as 3 month of age, the same advices and safety measures must be taken when using Elidel in infants and young adults who have been given the use.

Elidel is also available for use in babies up to 2 years of age and is described in the brochure before use. Talk to your prescriber or health care professional if you have any concern about this medication. Store this package insert with the medication. The Elidel creme is used to cure the early manifestations and manifestations of eczema (also referred to as epithelial dermatitis) such as pruritus, erythema and small irregularities or swelling of the epidermis.

The Elidel can be used to cure recurrent cases of dermatitis. The treatment starts as soon as the first signs of dermatitis appear to avoid them leading to more serious signs that may necessitate the use of a topical depressant. If, however, a topical creme is needed to manage an epidemic of sweet itch, the creme should be halted and relaunched to manage any residual symptom after the creme has been halted.

The Elidel Creme is a steroid-free medication that is used to treat inflammations of the dermis. In certain parts of the body, it acts on certain cell membranes which cause inflammations and the typical reddening and pruritus of dermatitis. If you have a question about why this drug was given to you, ask your health care professional. It is possible that your personal prescriber has used it for a different reason.

Do not take this drug without a doctor's order. If you have ever had an hypersensitivity to any of the other ingredients mentioned at the end of this booklet or to any of the other ingredients mentioned, do not use Elidel Creme. Any of the signs of an hypersensitive response to a medication may cause breathlessness, gasping or difficulties in breathing, facial or lip soreness, inflammation of the mouth, or other parts of the system, eczema, itching, urticaria, or urticaria.

Don't use Elidel creme when performing photo treatment (called phototherapy) for your complexion state. Avoid using this medication after the expiration date indicated on the package or if the package is ripped or shows evidence of manipulation. If so, give it back to your chemist. For more information, please consult your physician.

Small quantities of Pimecrolimus are taken up through the human body. Very small number of Elidel users have contracted melanoma or melanoma, but there is no evidence that Elidel has contracted these maycers. Though it cannot be ruled out, it is unlikely that those who use Elidel creams will have an elevated chances of getting these complaints.

It' s important that Elidel is used only on the advice of your physician. Use it only where your physician told you to go. Inform your physician if you have any of the following health problems: impaired ability to function (e.g., as a consequence of diseases such as HIV, sugar, cancers, or by taking medications that block immunity).

Ask your physician to talk to you about the associated risk and benefit. Inform your physician if you are breast-feeding. Ask your physician about the advantages and possible side effects of taking this medication while breast-feeding. Inform your physician if you are taking any other medications, even if you are buying them without a prescription either from a chemist, grocery store, or natural foods store.

While it is unlikely that other medications and Elidel are interfering with each other, you should always make sure that your physician knows what medications you are taking, especially other crèmes or lotions you use on your skins. Unless you tell your prescriber or health care professional about it, tell him or her before taking this drug.

Obey all advice given by your physician and chemist with care. When you do not read the information on the labels, ask your physician or chemist for help. Don't use the cream: in the nostrils, eye or throat. If your melanoma or chickenpox is antiviral, contact your physician before using Elidel.

If you have recently had a vaccine, do not put the crème on the vaccine site until redness of the epidermis and/or puffiness disappear. In case you have unintentionally spread the crème on one of these areas, please remove it and wash it well with clear soap.

In order to avoid the early signs of dermatitis leading to more serious ones, put the creme on twice a day, for example once in the mornings and once in the evenings. Spread the crème as follows: Press the crème on your fingers. Rinse your hand after application of the creme. Avoid covering the area to be covered with oclusive bandages.

The Elidel-Creme is often used simultaneously with other dermal care agents such as softeners (moisturizers) and sunscreen soaps. When you want to use a moisturizer, you can use it after applying Elidel Creme. Start using Elidel for each epidemic of sweet itch as soon as you start noticing the first sign and symptom and continue until the end of your reddening period if you discontinue use.

Keep using the crème as long as your physician says so. For babies up to the ages of 2 years: The duration of every epidemic of sweet itch should normally not exceed 3 week. Elderly kids, teens and adults: Usually the therapy can last up to 6 week for each epidemic of sweet itch, if necessary to clarify their sign and symptom.

Inform your physician if your symptoms do not improve or your health deteriorates after 6 week use. It may be necessary to stop using the crème while your physician is re-evaluating your health. Don't use this medication continually for a long period of time without stopping. In case you forgot to put on the crème, put it on as soon as possible and resume your regular routines.

When you inadvertently put more lotion on your face than you were warned, simply sweep it off. While you are breast-feeding, your physician may talk to you about the risk of use. In case you are developing nodules anywhere in your system, or developing any birthmarks, or if you noticed changes in existent birthmarks, inform your personal doctor. 3.

Elidel creams can also be used to treat wounds. If you think you may have developing a cutaneous inflammation or feel aching wounds somewhere on your system while using Elidel creams, see your physician immediately. Inform your physician if you feel flushed or irritated during Elidel creme treatments when drinking alcoholic beverages. In rare cases, redness or dermatitis (e.g. eczema, stinging, itching sting or swelling) may appear in persons who consume alcoholic beverages while using Elidel Creme.

Do not expose the areas of your body that have been covered with Elidel creme to sunlight. Inform your physician if the appearance and symptom of your dermatitis appears to be worsening. When you are about to be taken with a new medication or to get a vaccine, tell your physician and chemist that you are using Elidel-Creme.

Explain to any other physician or apothecary treating you that you use Elidel Creme. Don't pass this medication on to other people, even if their signs and symptoms seem to be the same as yours. Inform your physician or chemist as soon as possible if you do not like Elidel Creme.

Have your physician or chemist respond to all your queries. Any of the following symptom on the scalp on which you have put the creme and worry inform your doctor: any other sign or symptom different from your common symptom of itch.

This can be a sign of some kind of skin infections. A color shift. Talk to your personal doctor about if you experience a bulge in your lymph nodes while using Elidel. When any of the above mentioned conditions are serious, inform your physician immediately. The majority of these manifest early in therapy, are usually not serious and do not last long.

When any of the following situations occur, stop taking Elidel and inform your personal physician immediately or go to your local emergency hospital: sudden symptoms of hypersensitivity such as eczema, pruritus, or urticaria on the epidermis, swollen face, lips, mouth, or other parts of the system, breathlessness, wheezing, or difficulty in breathing.

Talk to your health care provider if you see anything else that makes you uncomfortable, even if it is not on this schedule. Keep the tubes of whipped cream in the master package. After opening the tubes, the crème should not be used for longer than 12 week. Keep this medication or other medications away from the bath, or near a washbasin.

The Elidel creme remains well preserved when it is cold and sober. Store the medication where small kids cannot get to it. When you no longer need the creme or its expiration date has expired, give your medicines back to your chemist. The Elidel Creme is a white, odorless, non-staining and easy to spread creme, packed in an aluminum tub with threaded closure.

Every ounce of Elidel 1% Creme contains 10 mg of the substance contained in this product named Dimecrolimus. The Elidel creme also contains the following ingredients: cleansed mineral oil.

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