Elocon Cream

Cream Elocon

Mometasone is a topical corticosteroid. This medicine comes in three forms: cream, ointment, and lotion. Once a day, apply a thin film of ELOCON Cream to the affected skin areas.


It is used to control cutaneous diseases such as dermatitis, cirrhosis, psoriasis, skin ailments, asthma, swelling, allergies, asthma, and asthma. There are several different types of this medicine, among them cream, salve and liquid lye. The physician will select the nature of the treatment according to the state of the epidermis or the region of the affected area. If available from your chemist, please refer to the package insert before you begin taking this medicine and each times you receive a top-up.

Contact your physician or chemist if you have any queries. Do not use this medicine on the face, groin, or armpits, or for nappy rash unless told to do so by your health care professional. Use it according to your doctor's instructions, usually once a day a thin layer of medicine on the affected area.

Don't apply a bandage or dressing to the affected area unless your physician has told you to. Don't take this medicine by mouth. Do not take it with or without food. After each use, clean your hand with plenty of plenty of soap diluted with plenty of plenty of water, unless you are using this medicine to get the best results.

Do not get this medicine in your eye, your nostrils, or your throat. In this case, thoroughly flush with plenty of plenty of water and call your physician if stimulation continues. Take this medicine at regular intervals to get the most out of it. In order to help you recall, use it every single morning at the same outing. Don't use large quantities of this medicine, use it more often or use it for longer than directed.

You will not get better sooner and your chances of side affects may rise. If your symptoms do not get better or get worse after 2 week of therapy, tell your physician. You may experience burns, prickling, or prickling while using this medicine, but it usually only takes a while.

When any of these affects continue or get worse, inform your physician or chemist immediately. Keep in mind that your physician has given this medicine a prescription because he or she has determined that the benefits for you are greater than the risks of side affects. A lot of persons who use this drug do not have severe side effect.

Immediately tell your physician if any of these unlikely but serious side affects occur: pregnancy stripes, thin skin/stain, acid, folliculitis. It is rare for this medicine to be taken by the body into the circulatory system. Doing so may cause side effect of too much Cortisone. The side effect is more likely in pediatric ians and those who take this medicine over a long period of times or over large parts of the body.

Immediately tell your personal physician if any of the following side affects occur: unusual/extreme fatigue, lose body mass, headaches, swelling your ankles/feet, increase thirst/urination, blurred eyes. It is not a full listing of possible side affects. In case you experience any other effect not mentioned above, consult your physician or chemist. Consult your physician for consultation on side effect medications.

The FDA can be contacted at 1-800-FDA-1088 or www.fda.gov/medwatch. to notify them of side effects. Drug use is also possible. Canada - Check with your physician for side effect information. If you have any side effect, you can contact Health Canada at 1-866-234-234-2345. Prior to using Mometason, tell your personal physician or chemist if you are hypersensitive or if you have other types of hypersensitivity.

Speak to your chemist for more information. Tell your personal prescriber or health care professional your health care history, especially of: bad perfusion, diabetic, immune system issues before using this medicine. Korticosteroids can worsen cutaneous infectious diseases and be more hard to heal. Inform your personal physician if you have a cutaneous inflammation so that it can be cured.

Inform your physician immediately if your conditions do not get better or if your signs of discomfort worsen. In rare cases, the use of topical corticosteroids over a long period of times or over large areas of tissue can make it more challenging for the organism to react to physical stresses. Therefore, before an operation or emergency procedure, or if you are suffering from a serious medical condition/injury, tell your personal doctor using this medicine or have used this medicine in the last few month.

Prior to performing an operation, inform your physician or dental professional of all items you use (including medications that require a medical prescription, medications that do not require a medical prescription, as well as plant products). Although it is unlikely, this drug can delay the development of a baby if it is used for a long while. Visit your physician on a regular basis to check the size of your baby.

This medicine should only be used during a pregnancy when there is a clear need for it. Talk to your physician about the advantages and harms. There is no known whether this medicine gets into mother's milk. Before breastfeeding, see your physician. This medicine may interact with other medicines to alter the way your medicine works or to raise your chances of serious side effects. 1.

Maintain a listing of all your used medicines (including prescription/nonprescription medicines and plant products) and communicate with your physician and chemist. Don't take this medicine with others. The medicine was taken only for your present conditions. Don't use it later for other dermal issues unless your health care professional tells you to.

In these cases, another medicine may be needed. Lab and/or medicinal testing (e.g. suprarenal functional tests) may be done regularly to track your progression or test for side effect, especially if you are taking this medicine for an extended amount of your life or are using it over large parts of your entire length of life.

Please contact your physician for more information. When it is near the next dosage period, take only the next one. Take your next dosage at your usual schedule. Various makes of this drug have different storage needs. You will find storage information for your trademark on the packaging or ask your chemist.

Contact your chemist or your nearest disposer for more information on how to dispose of your products in a safe manner.

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