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The GoDaddy increases email encrypting and archival protection for Office 365 Office 365 endpoints. As a result of disputes such as WikiLeaks' John Podesta email, it makes good business sense to take the chance to show more safety around email. GoDaddy, the web host, on Thursday said it would provide email archival and email encoding for its Office 365 user clients.

According to a recent news bulletin, the service is aimed at SMEs and is offered as "add-on service for all GoDaddy Office 365 customers". As with any similar offer of protection, the aim is to make it easy to ship and secure information while at the same time enabling companies in certain sectors to comply with the rules, according to the news releases.

"It has never been more important for small companies to keep precious information secure in an ever more networked world," said Irana Wasti, GoDaddy VP of Products for Productivity Applications, speaking in a news statement. "GoDaddy worked with cyber security company Proofpoint to provide cryptographic protection for information during transmission, the news released.

It could help organizations in industry sectors that need conformance, such as HIPAA, to make sure that only the originator and the recipient can see the content of a particular email address. In-house email recipients can directly retrieve and reply to encoded email from their default mailbox as specified in the specified version, while outside email recipients can retrieve the encoded email from a hosted web-platform.

The GoDaddy said it will establish the email encoding services, and companies can establish filtering to identify which emails need to be encoded. GoDaddy's email archival is also based on a relationship, this one with Sonian, the world' s leading provider of email services. The press releases state that the archival function "securely stores email information and email attachment in a conforming, secure and secure clamp file".

" It could facilitate the retrieval of certain news items while ensuring safety and regulatory requirements. It can even recover e-mails and attachment files that have been erased by staff, and more than 500 different attachment file formats are supported. Archive contents are hosted in a number of datacenters distributed across geographic areas.

The press releases say, "Both new functions can be acquired seperately or as part of the "Premium Security Bundle", which combines Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium, encoding and archival in one inexpensive package". At GoDaddy, we offer email encoding and archival for SMB clients through our webhosting service.

GoDaddy can help companies comply with regulatory requirements and the cryptographic services are provided by GoDaddy itself. Email Archive manages important email and attachment so your user can even retrieve email that has been dropped by an agent.

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