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GoDaddy customers receive new phishing e-mails. A number of new e-mails have been sent this past week to clients of the beloved web host services and GoDaddy web site registrars. It began on 3 December, when a GoDaddy customer discovered a spam email that was evaluating the IE Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) validation requests to deceive clients.

Users explain in a blogs posting how the email asks receivers to check their World Health Organization (WHOIS) contacts for their domains so that they do not become orphaned. This email then contains a hyperlink that pretends to refer to a website where clients can finalize the validation proces. Only a few and a half years later, the same person discovered another email message that was supposedly selling ".com" domains at a reduced one.

Large voucher graphics are clearly visible in the email. In addition, within the framework of the supposed promotional offering, the user is asked to click on a hyperlink that seems to use a shorter version of the website address. A third and last email was discovered just this weekend. That particular assault alerts clients to a large number of directory names used on their pages and threatened them with disabling them if they did not click on a hyperlink.

Actually, the hyperlink will lead to a secondary site at "httx://" where clients will be asked to provide their log-in information. Excellent in that it uses the customer's GoDaddy email and name and is spelled with a uniform British language script. Telephishing e-mails similar to this latest assault were first discovered in August this year and seemed to be forwarded to Russian telephishing websites.

At GoDaddy, we encourage our clients not to click on any link in an email. To add a level of security, you should allow GoDaddy to authenticate your account using two-factor security and notify GoDaddy of any email suspects you encounter.

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