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First Steps With Squarespace Email Campaigns - Squarespace Help Our built-in email campaign function allows you to email under the stamp that is as nice as your website. E-mail campaign are currently at an early access stage and will soon be available to all Squarespace clients. E-mail marketing can help: More efficient email - Refresh your website and submit your campaign from the same email address.

Drag important page contents such as your company name, product and blogs directly into the text of the campaig. Improve your business - Create email marketing initiatives that seamlessly extend your website and business. Perform the following actions before you send your first ad campaigns. Tip: You can use email marketing on both your desktops and your mobiles.

To use email campaigns, you need an actively running Squarespace website. So if you haven't created your website yet, please go to Start a Squarespace trial. a Squarespace test. In order to prevent spamming, we suggest that your website has its own domains and email addresses (e.g. Email campaigns for all Squarespace clients are available free of charge for a restricted period of the year.

" Up to 50,000 early access ads can be sent per year. If your mailinglist has 1,000 members, for example, you can submit 50 each. By the time Early Access ends, everything you've done will be stored, and you can still create draft and mailinglists, but you'll have to buy email marketing promotions to ship your promotions.

For more information, please see Once you have been added to the Early Access group, open your email campaigns dashboard: If you click Email Campaigns. Design your first campaign: After you have sent a promotion, you can use it to generate new designs. In order to develop your campaign: Move the mouse pointer over the e-mail thumbnail. Blueboxes indicate the different parts of your email.

You can find more information under Structuring an E-Mail Advertising. In order to attach the email from which your email campaigns will be sent, go to the Dashboard of your email campaigns, click on Sender Profiles and then on Upload. You will be asked to check your email addresses and domains during this procedure to prevent spamming. Checking your email and your domains is the best way to prevent spamming.

In order to see if you need to check, go to your email campaign dashboard, click on Sender Profiles and then on the preset from which you will be submitting. It is recommended that you use a user-defined email account, i.e. an email account for which you own the domains, such as Regardless of whether you use a user-defined or free email account, you can check your email adress.

When you have associated a user-defined e-mail address with a Squarespaceomain, its administrative Domain is authenticated as well. After you have associated a user-defined e-mail message with a third-party' domains, see Verifying third-party' domain names for e-mail campaigns. If you want to begin creating a subscriber roster, go to the email campaign dashboard, click Mailing Lists, and then click Subscribe.

There are several ways to attach email address to a mailinglist: CSV imports - Allows you to export a mailinglist from another mailserver, e.g. MailChimp or Outlook. Get folks to subscribe to your listing - Subscribe to a site by adding a registration page so folks can subscribe themselves to your listing.

You can find further help under Setting up a Mailinglist. Once you're done creating your campaigns, go to the email campaigns dashboard and click your design. In the upper right hand corner, click the E-mail button. Press the Submit Test button to email a test to yourself, or the Submit to Mailinglists button to formally submit the survey.

More information and a check list to consider before you send can be found under Send an email campaig. After you send your email campaigns, the email campaigns dashboard will display an outline. Click on Sent and then on the action to see more detail. When your website is on a Commerce Planner (Basic and Advanced), you can also see the revenues resulting from the marketing campaigns in the Traffic Sources Panel in Analytics.

See Email Action Analysis Trackers for more information.

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