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If I could select just one theme for all my clients, it would definitely be the Enfold Theme. One of the best known and most powerful WordPress multi-purpose themes is probably Enfold. Wordpress Enfold Theme. Best theme ever? Enfold Theme would definitely be if I could select just one theme for all my customers.

Enfold Theme is a neat, nice and attractive design with many customisation possibilities. Enfold is the right way if you want a easy and neat website or if you want a very individual website!

In addition to the fact that the look looks professionally, it is very simple to customise your pages using the Avia Layout editor included with the Enfold Theme. Out of all the WordPress themes I use, I've never seen a better and more flexible wordpress layout than the Enfold Layout. Take a look at the great opportunities with The Enfold Theme, take a look at some demos and watch the following step-by-step guide where I will show you how to build a beautiful website with The Enfold Theme!

If you are installing the Enfold theme on a WordPress Web site, begin with a straightforward and tidy Web site. Once the Enfold Theme Option has been configured, the look and feel of your website will be exactly what you want. Another thing that inspires me is the possibility to show pictures and videos in the theme.

Enfold Theme has a great melody feature to show you your favorite blogs, portfolios and pictures. By default it can create a nice brickwork, but you can also customize it according to your wishes. Once you have WordPress preinstalled, you can have your Enfold demo site up and ready within 2min!

Once you have installed the Enfold Theme, you can select a demonstration. Allows you to customize the demonstration instead of beginning at zero. When you' re in a rush, you can set up and customize your entire website with a demonstration. Simply load up some images, place the same text on the images, make a Call to action and you' re done!

Want to know how to build a website with the Enfold Theme?

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