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When does the enfold support end up in the plugin? The Enfold is your answer if you are looking for a custom Drag & Drop Page Builder and the design itself is a custom product that fits into any niche. One of the best WordPress themes I've ever used is Enfold.

The best theme of 2017: WorldPress Topic Analysis: Extract from Kriesi

Kriesi, located in Vienna, produced a new WordPress theme in Vienna in March 2013: Enfold, which turned out to be very lucrative for the well-known developers. More than 100,000 WordPress products have already been sold, making it one of the best-selling WordPress topics. So what is it that makes Enfold such a strong subject?

Would it be interesting for your WordPress page to change to Enfold? This is a popular topic and we have chosen to conduct a thorough study for you. If you watch the Enfold demo, you wouldn't immediately call it a winner's topic. However, this can only be one of the strong points of this WordPress theme as a multi-purpose theme.

And the theme itself is tight and minimalist, in line with today's web design trend. For example, your symbols and other graphical items are displayed crisply on high-resolution screens. As soon as you have bought Enfold, you can immediately start downloading the installer files. In your WordPress context, go to Appearance > Themes.

Click on 'Add New' and then on 'Upload Theme'. Locate the correct installer on your computer and click 'Install Now'. Then click'Activate' and your Enfold theme setup is completed. Our wisdom is that anyone can finish this task within any WordPress website without any hassles.

Under ' topic options' you can make sure that your topic is refreshed automatic. Because Enfold constantly add new and interesting functions, we suggest you do this. Enfold install will add LayerSlider WP as a bonus: an extended sliders plug-in for WordPress that allows you to create nice slide shows.

Once Enfold has been set up, you have immediate page view via 'Theme Options'. You can also use some pre-defined preferences that allow a lighter use of color for your enfold theme. Enfold also gives its customers the option to select either a stretch or a box layout. In spite of the fact that these two adjustments are the only layout choices, each one gives your site a radical different look.

These are the settings of Enfold. Enfold will quickly get those who really want to try their WordPress page to dramatically revise it done. For those who want to stylise their website to the point that gives it a distinctive look, their own custom code within the Enfold theme must be used.

Working on pages is a pleasure for Enfold. Its design features an integrated'Advanced Layout Editor' that lets you create pages by simple and intuitive drag-and-drop element layouts. Every colum can then be populated with contents and mediums. If you change text contents, you will find that the old, trusted WordPress text editors reappear.

Because this Page builder was designed by Kriesi himself, the easy drag-and-drop mechanism works perfectly with the theme and gives all items an instant, classy look on your real website. Advantage is that you can achieve a more unusual results quicker than if you create your pages with a seperate page constructor plug-in like Visual Composer.

This latter offers a wider selection of contents and mediums. However, the main types of authoring you will use will be provided by Enfold, so the extra functionality of Visual Composer will hardly be missing. Enfold's Page Builder works much quicker than Visual Composer. Enfold's ability to use the Enfold page interface only for pages and portfolios is astonishing.

Impossibility to use the Page builder is an immediate limitation when posting and processing blog and/or newsletter entries. Kriesi's forums tell us that the Page Builder for post can be enabled by simple changes to the post codes. Yet we have the feeling that the österreichische Theme Builder missed an occasion here to make Enfold a real all-star.

There are several ways in which Enfold can present your own private collections. It' clear that Enfold's product range was designed for graphical use, as the various product ranges will be characterised by the presentation of high value images. Enfold's audiovisual or text library seems to be less suited. The Enfold provides viewing assistance for IE 8.

That means that this topic works just as well with older Browsern. Enfold also enables the deployment and viewing of popular WordPress plug-ins, including WooCommerce (WordPress Webshop), GravityForms ( "Form Builder") and WPML (for multi-lingual websites). Essentially, you can launch a multi-lingual web store with WordPress, Enfold, WPML and WooCommerce without having to enter any codes.

Remember also that it slows down your website, so make sure you take advantage of the WordPress web site hosted on it. Enfold has been focused on searching machine optimisation (SEO) right from the start. Properly implementing the Schema.org policies, the theme's encoding clearly indicates the intent of each item of it.

Of course, the effect of this kind of Enfold based help with your website will depend on how you design your website from there. Sovmedia uses Enfold in both smaller and larger scale deployments. For smaller size jobs, our goal is to work as well as possible with Enfold's own styles and customize as little as possible of the styles.

Here are some examples of Enfold frameworks where we have given up our main style. ITC Automatisering is active in a variety of industries, ranging from health care to high-tech-industries. Sovmedia designed the WordPress website for ICT automation and adopted Enfold as its overall platform to provide enterprise-wide ICT service.

Portbase provides over 40 different port community system solutions for around 3,600 customers in all areas of the port economy in the Netherlands. Kriesi has used Enfold to develop a comprehensive and robust WordPress theme that has rightly convinced many WordPress people. In addition, the topic is being further proactively promoted so that regular updates of new functions are made available to the user.

Enfold's greatest asset, however, is its user-friendly and incredibly quick lay-out creator. Otherwise the theme options of Enfold are adequate, although not too complex. If you accept the subject as it is, you will probably still be working with one of the best utilities to create your own professionally designed website.

You can buy Enfold at ThemeForest.

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