envelope Tales about our creative people and collaborators from all over the globe. Starting our trip in Skopje, Macedonia with Unipen (http://studio.envato.com/users/Unipen), a young pair and seasoned designer who focus on logodesign service at Envato Studio (http..

... Watch this videoclip as we make our way to the beautiful town of Vienna, Austria to see Calin Teodorescu, a long-time Envato member and part of the Envato Communities group.

The next Envato Stories story will take us to the rainy and scenic British city of Shrewsbury. This is where we get to know David Appleyard, one of Envato's remotes, and the latest Tuts+ Manag.....

We at Envato help make things come alive.

We at Envato help make things come alive. The Envato Markets are operated by us, where billions of creative individuals buy and resell digitally produced products. Through Envato Studio we also link individuals with contractors. The Envato Tuts+ educational site offers free and payable training sessions and workshops to help you find out more about programming, designing, videos, photography and more.

This speaks for us for some crews where different timezones are used, e.g. the help crew can help our communities 24-7! Headquartered in Melbourne, near Envato headquarters, the members of the Envato staff still have the freedom to work regularly from home (or wherever they want).

This kind of agility makes it easy for members of the teams to consider other facets of their careers such as families, hobby and travelling. There is a vast swimming pools where we can find our astonishing talents here at Envato! You can still be a prolific member of the crew without uprooting your own souls.

Much as we like Melbourne, we realize that not everyone is able to move here. There are also possibilities and possibilities for choice for people who cannot or do not want to be in the business all the while. Envato was "born global", which is true for both our staff and our group.

Right from the beginning (almost!) we had Envato work with guys from all over the globe. This allows us to empower stunning individuals across Australia and the globe to work for us, and there are those with responsibility or other passion who have the opportunity to integrate them into their everyday life.

Teammates are spending a lot of online hours with their superiors, hangout with the HR staff, get a 'Wing Buddy' and we use Blissbook.com as our Induction Handbook. It is a crucial thing and we want everyone to have everything they need from the very first moment and a link to those who can respond to any question.

Every one of our teams can set its own standards if required. A key Envato value is that we concentrate on the results. Every executive is different, but it's pretty obvious when a member of the teammate doesn't pull his own weight. What does that mean? With Envato, we concentrate on the results, not on how many long someone sits at their desks.

It' s more difficult to take into account different time zones, but it's really important to ensure that members of your teams can attend your meeting and get to the right person who needs them. Every large meeting (to which, for example, an whole department or the whole enterprise is invited) is recorded and made available via videoconference so that the participants can later attend or observe later.

Calls are held as far as possible on-line so that individuals can participate regardless of where they are. It is always feared that cooperation is rooted in personal contacts, but it turns out that it is not! Humans can work on things as asynchronous and be just as efficient! Like most things at Envato, what began as an organic process has become more formally oriented now that the Envato staff consists of about 280 employees.

The HR staff makes sure that all our policies (the term "policy" may sound too formally for us!) are clear. Our goal wasn't to make folks feeling like they had to come to the offices when there was a big business event, or to keep folks away from business events when they were working outside the offices.

We' re using Google Drive to make everything cloud-based and simple to share. Many of our get-togethers have at least one member on a Google hangout, and all Melbourne get-togethers have a large TV monitor and a Google Chromebox to make making simple your online phone book! Slack is also used so that geographically borderless individuals can work together and communicate well.

Usually I work from home on Thursdays, which allows me to bring my children to class, train my children's baseball squad, and get more involved with my church. Most of the work I do in my daily commute is done helping my own people.

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