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Windows, Mac, Linux Game People, it's been a long while, but the next release of Env is alive! I haven't worked on it for well over 2 years now, so some things probably won't be flawless, please let me know if you have any problems and I'll do my best to fix them. Released a new videoclip that shows some of the unprecedented stages of Env. temporal

envelope 1.0 - download

Env game is a first-person survivor game that takes place in a destructive environment in which you must try to overcome all the perils created by the fall (or rise) of the surrounding planet for as long as you can. Only six-minute game in which you must try to get through the end of the game.

Then you will see the earth beneath your knees begin to disintegrate, and you must try not to drop into the bottomless pit, for if you do, you will perish. Besides caring for the soil, you must also be careful not to use it. The Env is a uniquely stand-alone game with very interesting game play.

Env Abstract survivor game

I think, if I may say so, that the ball, though it is quite uninteresting in comparison to the beam. I can see how this can be adjusted to an analogue of... It may seem like a rather gloomy subject, but with the right kind of look and feel, it could turn into something very fascinating.

I' m digging the planet that's destroyed the ray, it's as intriguing as it is frightening. I' m not a fine arts person, so I don't really know how to present this kind of subject as a pictorial styl. However, I'm a coder, so instead I've been working on the topic of how game play system behavior interacts.

I' m not against having a graphical look to support it, but I don't have the skills needed to do that, but I like your proposal (I'm definitely into depression topics). Edit: I' ve looked at your site, some really good-looking things there, does any of these project have play-able build available?

So do I. Depressive topics are oddly convincing. However, not in a depressionful way, but rather in a fascinating way. This is the awesome thing with subtle/interpreting subjects, humans are projecting other meanings than them. Mostly something similar or at least usable to the subject itself. I' m currently debugging a definitive compile that corresponds to about 7 week of work that I will release later, along with a new one.

It looks really awesome, Adrianis. I' m going to end my actual job first, but I really enjoy this concept, and I have already developed some mechanisms that I think would go well with it. And I think that "ENV" (all capitals) is a much more memorable name than "Do you think the end of the earth is coming".

And I think that "ENV" (all capitals) is a much more memorable name than "Do you think the end of the earth is coming". I will probably have to "borrow" (i.e. steal) this concept sometime in the near term. Adrianis, you should make it a full-fledged game I just figured out the options and I think it can be something very convincing.

This is a very nice brainchild, good luck to you! Really awesome notion, it really has an eerie vibe, I like it! Extremely awesome, I have the feeling that the huge Attraktor Ray could be a great item for an extraterrestrial kidnapping horror game that seems random and tries to take you in. It' been out for almost 2 week now and I'm quite happy with the improvement, a few good reviews, and some website bloggers have posted unscheduled articles about it (including a web site in Spain that seems to redistribute it with its own plumber, which is strange and a little irritating but flattering).

I' m hopeful that I know what worked and what didn't, now I just have to find out how / when I can extend it without distracting from what worked well, which turns out to be quite tricky. Every peak trough on the recent week's statistics page of IndepDB is now almost a level line in front of the download walls after this one.

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