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What can I do to cancel my account? - Envato Market Help Center What can I do to modify my name? Where can I reset my account name? What can I do to update my e-mail adress? What can I do to cancel my account?

In order to cancel your Envato Marketing account, please submit a query to the Help team. Notice: You must submit a query from the e-mail associated with your Envato Marketing account.

You must request and receive a withdrawal before you close your account. Remember: Account termination means that you no longer have account information for products you have bought and cannot cash out any winnings. Please send us your opinion and your comment on the Envato market. What can I do to update my e-mail adress?

What can I do to modify my name?

Envato account comprehension - Envato Elements Help Center

The Envato Elements share a unique member system (a so-called Envato account) with other locations in our ecosystem, such as Envato Market & Envato Studio. With your only Envato account, you can connect to the Envato ecosystem with a login and passwords, and keep your information up to date on all our websites.

The Envato accounts are administered via http://account.envato.com. Here you can update many of your general account information (such as e-mail addresses, passwords, etc.). Many other Envato Elements-specific properties (such as accounting and subscriptions ) must be directly refreshed via Envato Elements.

Which is the registration confirmation? - Envato Market Help Center

Envato takes the safety of our users' accounts very seriously. And one of the ways we secure your account is through "Sign In Verification," a function that ensures that the individual who logs into your account is really you. Each time you log into your Envato account, we conduct a series of tests against various confidence beacons.

This signal determines whether the login should be continued as usual or whether a validation procedure should be started. When you need to check your registration, you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to type a passport code. The system sends your unambiguous passport code to the e-mail associated with your Envato Marketing account.

In order to check your registration, just copy the passport code from the e-mail, insert it into the page and click on "Authenticate". This is the page where you have to type your password: Your e-mail with your password will look like this: As soon as we have checked your application, you will see the following page to validate that you are now verified:

Will I be bothered by the registration check every single times I register? As soon as you have successfully validated an application, our system will memorize it as an "Authorized Location". Next the next times you register at the same place, we will no longer ask you to type in a pass code.

If you are trying to log in from a new / different place, we will ask you to reenter a passport code. Don't be afraid, we will recall this new site as well - so there is no need to review the new site a second year. I have waited for your password but haven't yet recieved it.

Confirmation e-mail with your login should be received within 10 min after your login attempts. Has the e-mail been sent to your spam/junk file? Check the correct e-mail adress? We will send your username and password to the e-mail account you provided in your Envato Store account. Do you have a user-defined e-mail message, is there server-level filter that could have stopped the e-mail from being delivered?

If I no longer have e-mail account permission, what happens? The e-mail addresses are the main means of contacting us for any security-related communications, such as resetting passwords and verifying logins. It' important that you keep your e-mail addresses up to date. If, for any reasons, you cannot retrieve the e-mail that we have stored, please call the Envato Market Help Center for help with restoring your account.

How much more can I do to keep my Envato account safe? In order to secure your Envato account, please adhere to our secure passwords policy. What can I do to update my e-mail adress?

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