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Logins for access and approval for account.envato.com. Never buy a WordPress theme or plugin before, you are likely to be familiar with the familiar Envato Marketplace. We do not offer support and updates for free files.

Envato Elements Free Accounts - Envato Elements Help Center

Envato Elements has two kinds of account: those with an activated account and those without (free accounts). Unaccounted Envato Elements user have restricted privileges and cannot search the entire Elements catalog. Free-of-charge accountsUsers who open an Envato account or log in with an Envato account but do not have an active subscription. for free.

Fully accessible article detail pages. Enables you to search the entire Envato Elements lib. Enables you to see elements that have been down-loaded and licenced if you have had a previous subscriptions - but not to re-download or re-license those elements. Users of the Envato account have logged in with an Envato account with an existing one.

Accessibility to downloading new objects and to downloading and re-licensing already used objects.

This is how you modify the email address used to notify accounts - Envato Hosted 4.

Important: You cannot modify the Envato account associated with an Envato Hosted plan, otherwise you will loose your ability to download topics and your website licence. Below please note how you can properly upgrade your e-mail only for your account. Modify the mailing to which you are receiving account and subscriptions notifications:

Also, if you get alerts from a particular plug-in (e.g. WooCommerce, BuddyPress, contact form, etc.), you need to review the plug-in preferences to make sure that the e-mail addresses you use are the ones you want to use.

What can I do to terminate or terminate my account or claim a refund? How can I do this? What do I do if I log in to WordPress or set my password back? What can I do to terminate or terminate my account or claim a refund? How can I do this?

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