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Data protection declaration - Envato

Hello, we are Envato Pty Ltd (ABN 11 119 159 741) of Level 1, 121 King Street Melbourne, 3000, Australia ("Envato") and welcome our data protection statement, which also covers our affiliated companies. If you are an Envato customer or visit our websites, this statement governs how we treat your personally identifiable information.

Envato Elements, Envato Market, Envato Studio, Envato Websites, Envato Hosted, Envato Tuts+ and Placeit (the "Sites"). If we say "we", "us" or "Envato", it is because we are, and we own and operate the pages. When we speak of "policy", we speak of this statement. When we speak of "Terms of Use", we are referring to the usage guidelines for each website.

Regulations differ depending on the products and each products provides them individually and asks for approval for them separate from this Directive. Some of the information we gather about our Web site visitors/users is personally identifiable. Some of the most commonly collected kinds of information we gather include: usernames, member IDs, e-mail accounts, IP accounts, other contacts, surveys answers, blog posts, photographs, billing information such as billing information, transaction information, taxation information, customer service requests, forums reviews (if applicable), information you instruct us to provide on our sites (such as article descriptions), your promotions on our sites (including any choices or entries in articles), and web and e-mail analysis information.

In addition, we record your data from your resume, your CV, the resume itself, your covering letters and your documents. Personally identifiable information is collected directly when you submit it to us, either voluntarily when you browse the Websites, or by other individuals when you use the Web site related service.

Your personally identifiable information is collected when you choose to give it to us, sign up as a member and purchase or supply products or a service on our sites, sign up for a newsletters, e-mail lists, give us feedbacks, participate in a competition, fill out a questionnaire or notify us. While we generally gather personally identifiable information directly from you, we also occasionally gather certain types of personally identifiable information about you from other resources.

Specifically: finance and/or transactions information from payments service bureaus in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia to complete a single transfer; other third parties' resources and/or affiliates in Australia, the United States or the United Kingdom where we obtain supplementary information about you (to the fullest legal extent), such as demographics or information used to detect scams, and combining such information with information we have about you.

In addition, we collect information about you and your operations on and outside the Envato platforms through partnership or your experience and interaction with our advertising network partners. Information in the shape of a pattern approval, for example, if your picture is used in an article available on our pages.

Your person-related data will be used: In order to fulfill a treaty or to take contractual steps: especially in the facilitation and execution of operations that take place on the websites, such as buying an article from our market place. Such interests include: the operation of the Websites; the provision of the service described on the Websites; checking your identification when you register with one of our Websites; answering your questions about your ticket and assisting us in resolving a dispute; keeping you up to date with operative messages and information about our Websites and our service, such as notifying you of changes to our Websites, website malfunctions or safety upgrades; performing technological analyses to help us understand how to make the Websites and service we supply better; tracking activities on the Websites, such as

identifying potentially deceptive activities and ensuring adherence to the Site's conditions of use; administering our relationships with you, for example, by answering your communications or requests made to us on the Site, requesting your input, or whether you wish to take part in a poll; administering our judicial and regulatory affairs (including the management of risk related to our contents and frauds ); educating Envato employees on how best to benefit our users; enhancing our offerings and our service; handling your applications to Envato.

If you give us your consent: customize our website and related information, such as advertisements that appear on the website - if this includes the use of cookie or similar technology - to make the user feel more personalized. The following individuals will receive your personally identifiable information: Envato Group entities based in Australia, Mexico and the United States; product or licensed product or licensed information creators, if any, that may be provided to you to help us better serve you in the country where our product may be available; and sub-contractors and vendors that help us with the way we use your personally identifiable information (as described above):

Web site hosting service provider headquartered in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom; technology and client service provider headquartered in Australia, Canada, the Philippines, Poland, Mexico, Romania, the United Kingdom and the United States; staffing agency headquartered in Australia, the United States; US-based based research and development service provider; US-based research and development service provider; US-based research and development service provider; US-based research and development service provider; US-based subscription administration service provider; US-based research and development service provider; US-based research and development service provider; US-based payment settlement service provider; US-based identity check service provider; US-based identity check service provider; US-based financial institution service provider; US-based financial institution service provider; and US-based financial institution service provider.

Our legal advisors (lawyers, bookkeepers, finance advisors, etc.) based in Australia, Ireland, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States, regulatory and regulatory agencies in relation to our regulatory proceedings and liabilities, a buyer or potential buyer of all of our property or our company, and their legal advisors in relation to the acquisition;

any third person to answer a request in connection with a penal inquiry or any presumed or unlawful activities; any third person to assert or protect our legal or regulatory rights or to fight money or reputation risk; any other recipient for whom we are authorized or obligated by applicable laws, or any governmental, judicial or law-enforcement request to do so.

Our headquarters are in Australia and Mexico, so your information will be handled in Australia, Mexico and the USA. Several of the third parties whom we have described in Section 10 above and to whom we share your personally identifiable information are located in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, the United Kingdom and the United States.

This is done on the assumption that you agree to this directive. Wherever possible, to safeguard your privacy, we will work with sub-contractors and vendors that we believe meet reasonable standards of information protection. Personally identifiable information is stored on secured server facilities administered by us and our services provider, and sometimes on paper stored in a safe place in Australia, Ireland, Mexico and the United States.

Personally identifiable information that we retain or transfer is secured by means of secure and accessible procedures, which include user name and passwords authentification, two-factor authentification and, where applicable, encrypting it. Some of the personally identifiable information we gather about you can be accessed by signing into your area. They also have the right to make a query to obtain information about other individuals that we have stored about you and to ask for correction of mistakes in that information.

It is also possible to cancel the bank accounts you have with us for any of our pages at any moment. In order to make an enquiry for a login or rectification, please get in touch with our data protection officer via the contacts at the end of this guideline. If we have your permission to do so (e.g. if you have opted-in to one of our e-mail listings or have indicated that you are interested in obtaining quotes or information from us), we will e-mail you promotional messages about our product and service offerings that we think may be of interest to you.

However, if you decide to decline certain types of information, some parts of our websites may not function correctly in your case. More information about how we use Cookies, Web Beacons, and similar technology can be found here in our Cooking Guidelines and other general information about the use of Web Site Visitors at http://www.allaboutcookies.org. Certain information that is generally kept confidential and does not disclose your personal information is stored when you access our websites.

We speak of the following types of details: your Internet address or proxieserver address'; the type of domainname you request; the name of your International Web Services Provider is sometimes collected based on the setup of your International Social Security (ISP) account; the date and hour of your site visit; the duration of your experience; the pages you have visited; the number of visits you have made to our site within a given period of months; the URL of the files you are viewing and information about them; the site that linked you to our sites; the technology of your web browsers.

From time to time, we may use third parties to place advertisements resulting from previous visitors to our websites. If, for example, you are visiting our websites, you may later see a supplement to our product and service when you are visiting another website. Learn more about your choices in our cookies directive.

If you are under the age of 16, please do not use our site or provide us with your personally identifiable information (if you are a young technician, please instruct your next responsible adults to use the site for you!).

When you are between the ages of 16 and 18, you can search the pages, but you will need the care of a parental or legal representative to become a registred member. It is the parental or guardian's own responsability to supervise the use of our sites by their offspring. When you share your personally identifiable information with other individuals, we cannot exercise ownership or take ownership of the way they use or administer that information.

You have many ways to communicate information to others, such as posting a publicized notice in a bulletin board topic, sharing information through community service, or contacting another person (e.g., a third party), either through our sites or directly by e-mail.

When you share information about our websites with another visitor, ask them how they will treat your information. When you share information through another website, please read the information security guidelines for that website to better understand information handling practice, as this data security guideline does not govern. Your personally identifiable information will be retained for as long as necessary to enable us to deliver the service to you and others and to fulfill our statutory duties.

Should you no longer wish us to use your person-related data or make Envato available to you, you may demand that we delete your person-related data and shut down your Envato bank accounts. If you choose to have your personally identifiable information removed, we will store information from removed bank statements that is necessary for our legitimate interests to conform to the Law, protect against fraud, recover charges, settle litigation, address issues, support investigation or inquiries by governments, courts, or law-enforcement agencies, enforce our User Agreement, and take other action allowed by applicable laws.

Data stored by us will be treated in accordance with this data protection declaration. Occasionally, we will need to amend this Statement to ensure that it is up to date with the latest legislation and any changes to our data protection practice. We will inform you of any such changes if we amend the policies.

There will always be a copy of the latest release of this directive available on this page. Should you have any queries about our data protection practice or how we have handled your personally identifiable information, please write to our Data Protection Officer at PO Box 16122 Collins Street West Victoria 8007 Australia or privacy.champion@envato.com.

We are really happy that you made it to the end of this statement because it is the best way to know how your information is used and how you can best administer it! We are a "data controller" for your personally identifiable information within the meaning of the EU Act on Information Technology and Freedom in the Internal Market (including the General Regulation on Information Technology and Freedom of Information 2016/679 (the "GDPR")).

They are also authorized to ask us to pass on your person-related information to you (i.e. in a structural, generally used and machine-readable format), to delete it or to limit its use. It is also your right to oppose the use of your information for any purpose that is in our best interests, such as the creation of profiles for our own research and development, and, if we have requested your permission to use your information for our own research and development, to revoke your permission as described below.

Those permissions are restricted in some circumstances - for example, we can prove that we have a statutory obligation to handle your personally identifiable information. This means in some cases that we may store some information even if you revoke your permission. If we need your person-related information to fulfil statutory or contract duties, the supply of this information is absolutely necessary: If this information is not provided, we cannot administer our contract with you or fulfil our duties.

For all other cases, the disclosure of the required person-related information is voluntary. When you have unsolved problems, you also have the right to contact the privacy agencies. It is the competent supervisory body of the Land: Within the scope of this privacy policy, both person-related information and person-related information have the same significance.

Affiliated companies are Envato Elements Pty Ltd, Envato Sites Pty Ltd and Ceiba Pty Ltd.

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