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You so cheap you can't afford a download? The 50 Best After Effects Video Templates - December 2017 After Effects is still the ideal choice for professional designers, Motion Effects enthusiasts, and other enthusiasts. VideoHive, the world's premier After Effects template engine, allows you to find some of the best asset you can find. Here are some of the most coveted asset you can include in your library.

Easily changeable colors of background, liquid, particles....SIZE & POSITION of logo and slogan. Simply substitute your logo with your own logo, auto trace mask and press RENDER !!!!!!! They are all shown in a comprehensive introductory film. There are 8 designs for rectangular or squared logos and mirrors, metal, ice, fire in colour. T'is the saison to be happy, so it's only appropriate that we should be sharing with you some of the latest After Effects templates that you can get before you go on holiday.

Following a rather busy summers, a tumultuous fall, we think that we are all prepared for a fabulous winters (with falling temperatures). For the coming holiday season, we thought that a fast choice of patterns with snow motifs would be just the thing for you to do! While we are preparing to close an unbelievable year, here are some of the latest trend papers that will gain pace during the last series of 2017.

Several of the best-selling After Effects templates: Make one of the most popular, but also quite sophisticated effects: Photomosaic that uses your own pictures. Add your favourite pictures to archive shots of frame pictures that hang from a boom and swivel gently as the sheets of paper interacts with the wind's surrounding air.

It can also work with up to 42 pictures, leaving enough room for your loved ones. As one of the most stunning VH presets, Photo Motion Pro lets you turn your still shots into incredible vibrant visuals. It' s quite astounding and you won't believe what this original is able to do until you have seen some of the movies it produces.

A simple to adjust logos effect that transforms any company image into a three-dimensional image for display use. Frequently used for company movies, this style sheet could also be used for face-to-face project work, introduction credit, and more. You can use this pattern to make a drastic introduction using only your own brand.

Its simplicity and pinpoint accuracy, coupled with its affordable pricing, make this model a great complement to your AE-BOX. VideoHive chose this submission as its feature dated filename, and for good reasons. Comes with over 140 motion graphics that let you make breathtaking changes regardless of the theme.

You are really just restricted by your own fantasy, otherwise this pattern is suitable for 3-D, movie effects, title, images, logo, cartoon, games and more. This is the ideal model if you want to tell a tale. There' s no question that with nearly 5,000 sold and an almost flawless review, your chance of presenting your products, understanding a theme, or just tell a great tale is quite high with this one.

And for those of you who like to travel but haven't quite been able to get a 2017udget, this guide allows you to zoome anywhere in the can. Card Builder Assistant is browser-based, and the primary model incorporates all card pictures and a high-tech lending facility.

However, if travelling is not your thing, you can still use this temple to create movies with marks and notes! Seeing videos become such a powerful players, at the top of all possible mediums, it is likely that you will be looking for motion symbols for your next work. And last but not least, to round out our 2017 best-selling item schedule, this After Effects artwork transforms any After Effects brand image into 3-D by incorporating customisable effect size and color adjustment lenses.

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