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Become a Stock Music Bestseller on AudioJungle AudioJungle writer Dario Brandt, a.k.a. EarMonk, has posted this comment. Let's be honest, a good life of stick musicians is not simple, but it is possible.

In order to be successful, a more objective attitude to the production of musical works is needed. Sure, there are many ways to squash it on stick songs pages, but in this paper I'd like to concentrate on writing best sellers for AudioJungle (AJ).

The AJ is one of the most fashionable and fashionable stick musical websites ever. Top 10 stocks sold between 37 and 125 copies per weeks. To be a best seller, the good thing is that you get more attention and therefore more revenue per workweek. This may sound like a winning return on your investments, but there are hundred thousand other side track that make little profit.

Instead of hurrying straight to my guitars and my DAW this year, I tried to find out if there were any shared issues for the best sold stick on AJ. Anyone who hears more than 2 of the top 2 track will immediately get a feel for the mood AJ shoppers are looking for, but let's go one better by analysing the track more closely.

At AudioJungle, the most beloved is Company/Motivation. Some of the best-selling track are not in this class, but to make this chart more consistent, I will concentrate on the top 10 within the company / motivation alcove. You can see from the following chart that these track range from 1. to 13. in the whole group.

Have a look at the chart below, look at the numbers and hear one or two of the tunes to make your first impact. Let's first look at the speed as it is an indicator of the feel and mood of a music. ~140bpm have a high power and can be described as fast and light.

Those tracks are perfect for company video sale. ~105 rpm works well for those who need less, but still moderately energetic work. A further important aspect I would like to consider is whether high-volume traffic tunes are front or rearground. This is often reflected in the melodic part played in the work.

A song that doesn't have a clear tune doesn't detract so much and is therefore better suitable for backing up. The clear melodic tunes are easy to catch and can reinforce the memory and association with the album. Looking at the 10 best-selling tunes, it turns out that 2 have different tunes, 6 don't and 2 are somewhere in between.

We are told that although tunes with a powerful tune can be a best seller, more AJ shoppers are looking for accord oriented, articulated or multiphonic tunes with backgrounds. Who are the best selling tools for your instrument? The following sheet lists the tools used for tuning, rhythms and drums.

The glockenspiel, as you can see, is a recurring melodic tool, the electronic double-bass is used in almost every tune, and keys and drums are also used. In addition, the instruments are tuned to the kind of music. But the next thing that interests me a lot are the topics keys and chords.

The analysis of the tonality of the song shows that frequencies of either flat or flat keys are used, but what amazes me is that no track is ever composed in flats. Does composer think that they are too far gone for C4 majors, does anyone buy tracks in C4 majors or is it just a coincidence? Quickly I was distilling two master chords per track.

Unexpected, unexpected, surprised, the Axis-Of-Awesome sequence is used 5 x, but not in the initial order I vig IV (bold). In addition, all using song, as expected, pure accords from the main key and I, IV, VI and vi are most used. Although the design is important, I don't think it is the deciding decision making tool at AudioJungle.

Purchasers often rearrange their own tunes to adapt them to their projects. Nevertheless, I think that the first 30 seconds of a track are decisive and can give a good feeling to the music. AudioJungle employees have recently released an essay that also deals with the design. If I look at the global setup of a track, I distinguish between those that use the structural setup (verse, choir, break,...) and those that are pure build-ups.

Often builds ups have only one sequence of chords and gradually adding guitars, creating suspense and dynamics. AudioJungle's two structural styles are among the top 10 best-selling floor musicians. When I listen to the tracks, I realize that although many of them use the usual singing structures, the characteristic verse/choir section can be described better than the 1. chorus/2. as well.

Last thing I notice here is that most songs that use a track tree get to the point in 20 seconds or less. The last important aspect of becoming a floor musical best seller that I want to consider is the top 10 track descriptors on AudioJungle that are used to describe the top 10 songs.

The following recurring topics arise from the analyses of the top 10 best-selling tracks in the AudioJunglecorporate/motivational category: Like I said at the beginning of this post, I tried to write and create a track that has the bestselling quality I did in the above analyze. Took me a while to finish my AJ best seller and call it Summer Drive.

This was because as soon as I was really excited, the tune was almost written by itself and I just went with it. Does it really pay to search for the magical recipe of popular soundtrack? Which is more important for the qualitiy of your work?

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