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You have to agree with them before you can be a writer. They govern the relations, rights and obligations of the authors towards us and the buyers of Envato Market. An author of the power elite shares his insider tips & success rules.

Contacting an Author - Envato Market Help Center

And what is support? So if you want to ask a question about how an article works before you buy it, need help using an article you bought, or just want to tell an author how much you like his work, that's great! Contact with an author is simple and you have several ways to do so.

Write your feedback here so the author can see it, or review your current feedback to see if your query has already been resolved. Remarks on elements are viewable by everyone. A number of writers provide a direct e-mail address for you to send them a direct e-mail. You can find the Contacts page on the Envato Market Profiles page.

You can see whether an element is currently in the Supports list on the Supports page of each element. Here you will find information about what kind of technical assistance is included and how to get it. Authors may also decide to provide other information here, such as FAQs about the article, other useful resources, or the reaction times of your team.

Finding the article information for support: When the author does not have an outside help page, the Contact the author icon will give you directions on how to get help when you click it. For more information about the support policy, click here. Notice: The look of the supports tabs and the way the author offers supports varies.

But not all writers will have an outside help page. This can be done through the article comment page or by e-mail. Author may also decide not to endorse an article. Displayed on the Assistance page. And what is Support?

Becoming a Power Elite Author on Envato: Insider Tips & Secrets

There is a rapid increase in the number of suppliers of ready-made WordPress topics. So it' not too simple to survive in a WordPress store, even for professionals like Power Elite Authors at ThemeForest. Let's take a case from Henry Rise, the holder of the ThemeRex Power Elite Author Kontos.

Establishing a market place image of a particular product does not involve additional expenses for marketing and advertisement. This was what drew the ThemeRex crew on and gave them a boost to build their own brands. They have published more than 140 WordPress topics for various niche markets since 2013. Rather than self-promotion, they had more free rein to concentrate on developing high value added software and improving the support team's service.

Renowned as a serious and trusted content management company, the ThemeRex holder will share a comprehensive set of guidelines on how to make your company successful. For every item you sell on the Envato website, Envato calculates a developer. The topics are subdivided into two large groups - excluding and non-excluding.

It is clear that novice writers may have some difficulty getting into the market place. It' ll take a while to create a high-level agency in this area. If your topics' appeal grows and the number of sold items increases, so does your profit from each purchased item. For beginners it can be a bit bewildering to choose whether they want to be an exlusive or a non-exclusive provider.

For Envato, exclusivity has a higher precedence. As ThemeRex has tried a number of markets, it claims that Envato is more important than all the other markets put together. If you are a novice web designer and want to establish a broader exposition to your own mark, then excluding topics are the best option.

Approving the topic on Envato is one of the most challenging moves for beginners in web development. The Envato is known for its rigorous approvals procedure for topics. At the beginning of their work with Envato, web designers can expect to see a dozen or so topic rejections before the first assignment is accepted.

This will help you better comprehend Envato's needs in accordance with the rules for coding and theme creation. Another thing that can be hard for novice bloggers to comprehend is the fast track system of supporting the webmaster. That' s obvious, because Envato has a lot of writers.

So if you are a new writer looking for an explanation to some of your problems, be careful and be prepared to delay for at least a fortnight. When you begin to generate more revenue, you'll rise to the top of the Envato Executive Board, which will also lead to faster customer service responsiveness. Reaction timefor élite members is up to 2-3 day, which can seem a bit disappointing at first.

Like everything else in the rest of the globe, working with one of the world's premier website template sales markets has good and bad sides. A major advantage of the Envato Theme Sales is the ability to increase presence and increase visitor numbers, which is unlikely to be achieved by a novice site manager on any other site.

To draw people' awareness to your goods, you do not need to run advertising activities to promote your offerings. Simply build a good one, load it up and begin to sell it. Another amazing benefit is that you can join a large fellowship of web design professionals and development professionals like yourself at Envato.

Honestly, Envato has evolved into a big copier where you thirst for new things, find them and improve them more. Flooding the bazaar, the writers were looking for ways to present their product to a broader public, lowering the costs of their topics.

Good news is that more good website template are available at a lower price. But this is hardly an advantage for other writers. When you sell topics on Envato, you achieve more than just a consistent revenue stream, you get the chance to showcase your product to the widest range of audiences, meeting true professionals, helping them make a difference in their life, and seeing the results of your work that aren't comparable to anything else in the class.

When you are a new author on the market and plan to bring your first topic to market, Envato will give you the help you need to advertise your topics and make them more accessible to your people. If you become an Envato author, you become part of the Envato team.

This can make it hard to develop your own name. At Envato, you're one of a thousand writers who keep adding new topics. To put it in a nutshell, if your aim is to create a trademark around your name, the marketing place is not your game. With Envato, you can determine the costs for your topics yourself.

That' s both good and evil for the writers. What is good is that you are the only one who determines the value of your work. Worse still, some writers may choose the option of having their topics sold at the least possible price, which may reduce your chance of being achieved by as many people as you want.

It can also reduce your turnover as less and less money is being spent on your product. Envato also establishes certain benchmarks for its writers. Whilst this may seem quite equitable for on-line clients, it has the opposite mirror image of the WordPress comunity. Even though the "Cold War" has never been so hard, the topic suppliers have divided up in the center of the topic.

Today you can find writers who use Envato to promote their topics as well as those who use WordPress.org software as free edition model. That doesn't mean you'll be despised for trying to promote your topics on Envato. However, there are still many hard-core enthusiasts who claim that Envato's WordPress topics are of poor print or quality and only harm the reputations of their co-authors.

So if you want your designs to have a better presence, it's better to think about some kind of extra advertising for your product. And there are literally thousand of themed providers to help select from. What you need to accomplish is connect more closely with your clients and build a franchise at the same time.

And even if you choose to market your web design on the market place, you still have the liberty to create your own website, run your own blogs and become an online community member. When you are not restricted to the money, think about advertising your topics through AdWords and Banners.

Her self-portrayal made her one of the Power Elite authors on Envato with more than 35,000 copies sold. ThemeRex took its first step when there were already many incumbent actors on the market. So it was a really difficult job to highlight a small business because the sector was overcrowded with topic creators.

Thus, the odds for novice site owners to develop powerful and serious branding around their name are really low. If you are a supplier, you can put all your efforts and energy into the development of specialised or multifunctional solution; you can create one topic per months or publish tens of different product regularly.

ThemeRex concentrated on the emergence of micro-niche issues. It is probably the most efficient way for beginners to begin working on their own on-line strategies by thoroughly analyzing each micronic. You can, for example, base a topic on one of the most favorite subjects (such as sport or business) and include a special function (such as a general purpose energy calculator).

In addition, think of the launch of your brand, its promotional advertising strategies, feature reviews, screen shots, etc.. While it is not always simple today to set up a winning Designwerkstatt on Envato, it is still possible to do so by following the directions in this manual. In order to lead your coverage to succes, you need to think about a promotional approach, devise a roadmap, and possibly find a micro-niche that would set your offerings apart from the game.

Consider developing a truly one-of-a-kind feat that makes your topic truly universally and instantly useable. Hopefully you will find this guidebook useful and it has given you an indication of how to promote your Envato trademark.

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