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Adapt the Blogger template using Envato Studio dbtblogger We create reactive blogger templates for blogs users, their help to enlarge your blogs reader. Optimize each templates advanced level of detail to make it easy to find any searching machine. With 6 years working in the field of templates. You need someone to customize a blogger artwork without bric-a-brac, that's your type.

Custom Blog Templates for Creatives, Authors and Authors

Our own private blogs reflect all your abilities and interests. The most important thing when it comes to choosing a WordPress topic for your own private blogs is how you can tell your stories. You are a novelist who wants your subject to emphasize your text? You are a photographer or film maker who wants a subject that integrates the videotape smoothly?

STORYTELING is the core of your blogs, so your design should be optimised for the types of medium you will use most often. But before you embark on the road of blogs, rate what you're going to use, how you're going to use it, and then start! When you are a novelist, words are your outstanding thing and your WordPress topic should certainly mirror that.

Whilst you can embed photographs and video to emphasise aspect of your text, your perfect subject should be your words. Penoolis is a great choice with a sleek look and an accent on text. Penoolis is a fantasy for authors who want to jump to their blogs and post with a continuous scrolling and centred text.

You can also easily upload your own pictures and video to make your contributions even more outstanding. Overall, this topic is a simple option for writers who want to communicate their thoughts to the rest of the family. Be it a pro or someone who signs up with the motto that a photo is more than 1,000 words valuable, your blogs should keep your audience entertained with breathtaking images.

Fotomag's themes are designed for such photographers with a slim, classical look and the ability to adapt to all types of equipment, so that your images do not loose their shine. Then, single pages provide the possibility to make galeries and photographic essay which will immerse you in the history you want to tell with your photographs.

Fotomag makes it simple to introduce your audience to the fascinating worlds of your photographs with oversized pictures. More and more movies are becoming the most attractive and divisible medium. On Facebook, for example: "Video contributions have a 135% higher coverage than photos ", says Social Medien Today. It' a great moment to become a filmmaker, and your own private blogs should make it easier for your audience to see, get involved and part.

Vlog deals with the core of what it means to be a blogger or even an audioblogger, with YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion compatible for simple imports and operation. It also makes it simple to create your playlist, category and group clips within different mailings. Above all, the integrated interpersonal exchange ensures that your photos become virtual experiences in no time at all!

Perhaps you are an all-round kind of performer or you are just beginning and have no clue where your blog will take you. If so, it is sure to go with a full pack on a subject like Hemlock. Hemlock offers a great way to shuffle and sync different kinds of postings with a combined image and text as you make your move.

Besides pictures and video, Hemlock also offers musical contributions for audiophiles. Topic Widget also makes it simple to include links to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat in their latest updates. Hemlock is a complete solution for the multifaceted blogger that makes your contents glow in the blogs.

Are you looking for more WordPress topics for your own private blogs? On ThemeForest, look for the topic that matches your own individual envision. WordPress for Creative Resources:

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