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The Envato Buyer Fee for what the hell is that for? Please note that the article price also consists of the buyer's fee. Buyer charges, author charges and tax deduction. Meanwhile, in my never-ending pursuit of maximal effectiveness, I thought I would make a catch-all mail that I can direct folks to when they have issues that can be addressed with a general statement of charges and tax. A thing to keep in minds is that I am not with Envato, so this is not the formal corporate information.

So.... the overall cost of an article paid by the buyer (the listed price) is composed of a few things. There is a buyer's fee, which is 20% of the listed prices. Although, if it is an article on GraphicRiver, then the article cost is a set amount, dependent on which product you are in.

Buyer fee (for GraphicRiver items) is stated on the submission page when you post your article. As soon as the buyer fee is subtracted, the article remains to you priced. This is the amount stated on your invoice and the amount on which the author's fee and tax is computed.

So, if you see an amount on your bill for a sales that is different from the listed prices of your product, you will know why. The article and not the listing prices are displayed. By ignoring tax and objects on Graphic River, you mean as a new writer.... in most cases you will receive 50% of the full listing if you are an exlusive writer, and 36% of the full listing if you are a non-exlusive writer.

As Envato now operates in the USA, they must comply with US taxation legislation. Of these, one means that if writers make cash from US purchasers, they should pay taxes to the US. Failure to complete the IRS' form will imply that you are a US writer and Envato will be required to retain 28% of all your revenue.

This 28% will be subtracted from the article prices. It is not the listed or article prices after deduction of the author's fee. Filling out the Z8 with a VAT number is the same as above, but you can get a 30% discount if your state has a VAT agreement with the USA.

There is a listing of convention treaties here, kindly approved by OsamaSayegh and Sealord: If you have an article with a $10 listing cost, then the article cost is $8, unless it is on GraphicRiver, which is the listing cost minus 20%. When you have less than $3,750 in sales, your author's fee is $3.

5 percent of the article cost. Less the author's fee from the article and the amount you receive is $5, which is 50% of the listing fee. If you have, however, subtracted taxes, you must deduct this percent as a percent of the article purchase value and then subtract it from the amount you receive.

You do not need to provide this number if your home jurisdiction does not have a US agreement that provides for withholding. However, these are the foundations of charges and taxation.

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