Envato Ceo

Chairman of the Executive Board

Hello I am Collis, I work at @envato, where I am the CEO! It was a special moment in the life of the CEO, Collis Ta'eed. This is our CEO, Colonel Ta'eed. Co-founder of Envato in 2006, Mr. Collis played a key role in the company's evolution from a four-car garage start-up to a truly multinational business with a workforce of over 200.

Now, Colis is probably not your mediocre CEO. The first time I came to Envato, his to-do lists contained things like "Setting up a new Inside blogs installation".

Envato " and "Create visiting card for teams". Because I wanted to tell the Fellowship what Collis does every single working session, I sent him an e-mail asking him if I could track him with a video surveillance system for a while. After the Collis calendars were written on a sheet of white paper along with an adress to a small café on the edge of Melbourne's CBD, I was waiting on a parking benchtop for Collis to come.

It was written on the sheet of paper saying Colli arrives at exactly 6:25. 6:32 am - Colli is awaiting the opening of the café. Colli said as we were sitting in expectation of the bartender showing up. 7:14 am - Pollis checks e-mails and is working on Envato's 2020 visions. 8:36 am - Colli makes a brief trip to work with his woman and co-founder Cyan.

8:48 am - Colli goes to work with cyan. 9:01 am - Colli comes to work at the new Envato offices at King St. 9:05 am - Colli's first date for the afternoon with Tuts+ GM, Jason. Each week Colli has an individual report with all his straight forward report in which he reviews how they are achieving their objectives, what is going on in the different businesses, what new schedules are being made and what operative detail is being discussed.

10:04 am - Colli speaks at the Envato All Hands fourteen-day conference. We have an all-hands session every two to four weeks that lasts half an hours. 10:45 am - Colli meetings with the Finance Director and the Legal Director. Colli says this is a constant temptation for him - to learn the basics of working in large companies.

12:18 pm - Breakfast at midday on a food court with cyan. 13:30 - Colli meets with some members of the headquarters staff to talk about the Envato 2020 2020 Vision. 14:40 - Collies are seated in the inner yard taking note of some of the remarks from the last one. A little introverted, he often gets out of the desk to think about it.

As a little CEO, seating in his offices seems to cause many disruptions, so this kind of makes sence. 15:38 - Colli in conversation with Envato personnel manager James Law about the furnishings. Seemingly a really tricky topic should be debated, but since I was floating over photography, this session was diverted to talk about a leaking rooftop in a part of the workspace.

16:06 - On a Skype call with WordPress Evangelist, Japh Thomson, via meetings, Colli makes it. At this opportunity Japh asks Kollis about his experience with WordPress metups so we can see how we can make more Envato metups! 4:43 - Colli goes back to his vehicle. 4:46 p.m. - Colli in the parking garage lift.

16:55 - Pollis and Cyan talk about the days on their way home. 5:15 p.m. - Colli plays with his John boy. 18:02 - Colli sits down before he spends the next few days on his notebook. Why is Colli carrying around? So I asked Colis to let us take a look at his pocket.

Here he is, Collis's descriptive text of the content of his bag: Papiermappe - For a computer based enterprise there are still many paper documents to work with. The original publication of this paper was Inside Envato.

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