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The Envato Codecanyon (Codec)

General CodeCanyon File Preparation Guidelines - Envato Autor Help Center Store your master file(s):. Organise your files and documents so that they are accessible, edited and understandable. You can group, annotate, and organise shared items so shoppers can quickly manipulate your files. And the more workable your files are, the more precious they are to you. Notice: The placement of all script, pictures and documentations in the home folder of your folder is not allowed and will be rejected.

HTML5, make sure that your element does not need Javascript to work. When you have an asset associated with the master zip archive, be sure to add it to your .zip archive. Generate a help file: It should contain a short guide to installing, customizing, and using it, in English, in . pdf, .doc, .txt, or HTML format.

It is possible to generate additional to, but not instead of, text statements, shellcast or fl ash statements. You can find a document templates here. Do not hesitate to shoot brief videoclips to show the features of your article. Remember: Do not expect the purchaser of your article to have a significant amount of encoding expertise.

Handle the purchaser like a novice when creating your documents. Send your data to CodeCanyon! See this item for uploading files directions.

Frequent Rejection Factors CodeCanyon - Envato Market Help Center

Please note the following general refusal criteria before sending articles to CodeCanyon. Poor quality: Not high enough to guarantee the sale as a luxury article. A lot of freeware is available for free and so the elements must be different from others. When a new entry is too similar to articles already available on the Envato market, it will be refused.

In order to be acceptable, the articles must be either original or of higher qualitiy than the currently available articles. Your entire source must be validated, without manufacturer-specific customization. Elements must be unambiguous and have extra functionality and/or a sophisticated deployment to differ from easily available free data sets. Implementing the article does not correspond to the anticipated standard of workmanship.

A rethink of abstract applications designs with an intuitively designed purchaser interface is needed. They must be easily adaptable and integrated into the purchaser's designs and preference. Offering a wealth of open code solution, we aim for unparalleled features or a uniquely twisted approach to current features.

It should be well scripted, safe and well annotated. The implicit expectation is a neat user interface and correct abstractions. Missing functions: Articles must have more than one focal point, a sole function offers little appeal to shoppers. It must be possible for the buyer to easily integrate the source codes into already implemented project.

It should be easy to use and the source should be clearly defined and clearly defined. Missing documentation: It should be well done and should describe all functions. Missing market prospects: Sometimes the articles are well spelled, but unfortunately the chances of sale are missing. Missing source or binary or project: . . NET is a pretty one-of-a-kind class on CodeCanyon, since .

. NET-based arbitrary codes can be built and deployed as binaries. CodeCanyon, however, is an Envato Market site for the sale of software, and all entries must contain the sourcecode, the compiled binaries, and the projects and/or solutions of your components. Non-observance of the construction instructions: Every code's crucial part is its desig.

Microsofts has written a suite of developer development policies that must be adhered to in order to promote the consistent and predictable development that must be adhered to. Best place for setting your configurations is the web. config script or application script files - not in your source files. Object inconclusive: It must be possible to distinguish individual elements from the free codes. Missing documentation:

You should document all of your published datatypes and their published members correctly using your Web site's Web site content management (XML) document. Elements should be tried in IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. Missing documentation: Submissions must contain appropriate documents describing the procedure for installing the Submission and any special features of the Submission. It is recommended that you use the standard document found here.

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