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we are always happy to celebrate your contribution to the life of our community. meetup policy What is the Envato Market Partner Program? It' s fantastic that you want to hold an Envato Community Meeting, but remember that you are fully accountable for the entire meeting. Prior to submission of your meetup request, please review the following policies to help you better understand how Envato meetups are conducted.

Please obey the law of the place where the meeting takes place. It is recommended that you keep the meeting non-alcoholic, but if you wish to provide alcoholic beverages, you must be of legally valid drinking ages or older in the meeting location, and alcoholic beverages must be consumed in measure and with meals.

So if the location you're hosting the meeting is hosting alcoholic drinks, they'll probably take good care off that shit, but make sure they have a legit alcoholic drinks licence when they're hosting alcoholic drinks. When you plan to levy a coverage fee or make a payment in connection with the meeting to recover your expenses, we ask you that meetings not be conducted profitably, and if there are any residual resources from the meeting, they should be given to a charitable organization and not kept for your own use.

Within our Envato Community Meeting Programme, we have provided vendor vectors of our "Envato Meetup" emblem for some of the applications below. You may not use our formal trademark (e.g. Envato or Envato Store logos) in conjunction with Envato Community Meetups, it will only be used in things we make ourselves.

This policy applies to all events platforms that you set up or use for your Envato meeting. Responsible use of the "Envato Meetup" emblem to advertise your Envato Community Meetup and comply with Envato's trademark policies. Rename your meeting with something special. Create your own metup with your own brand and logotype. You can use any of our non-Envato meetup brands or logotypes anywhere, anytime, e.g. Envato, Envato Studio, Tuts+.

Sign up for a domainname with one of Envato's trademarks. You can use the Envato Meetup logotype to identify your own website or use. Set up a Twitter user with ' Envato' (e.g. @envatoXYZ). Tamper with the Envato logotypes or involve sponsoring, approval or improper connection with Envato. We' re really thankful for your excitement about conducting an Envato Community Meetup, but remember that as the organizer, you are in charge of the organization and defense of the Envato trademark associated with the Envato Community Meetup.

That' s why we wrote this guide to ensure that meetings take place in the right mind and do not have a detrimental impact on the Envato community and the Envato family. Please keep in mind that the Envato community's meeting places can be publicly owned; please be considerate of all visitors to these places.

Should you find or observe that someone else is behaving in a way that does not comply with these policies or has other reservations, please contact the meetingup host as soon as possible. All meeting members (sponsors, volonteers, contributors, speakers, delegates and other guests) are expected to adhere to this Statement of Ethics at all meeting locations and meetup-related community activities.

What is the Envato Market Partner Program?

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