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Profile Envato, Founder, Founder, Founded, Ceo | Web Development Companies, Envato, Company founder, Company founder, Envato Profil Envato, the highest situated e-commerce market place. The ecosystem coordinates eight locations that host and distribute inventory for web design professionals, including projects file, Envato template, sound, video, Envato theme, dynamics graphic, coding, 3D model, and more. Headquartered in Melbourne, the company was founded in 2006 by Colli Ta'eed, Cyan Ta'eed and Jun Rung.

Through Envato Studio, Envato allows customers to contact experienced and qualified contractors. Tuts+ also embeds multiple videos and tutorials to help thousand of the world' s population. It is the company's leitmotif to empower individuals to make money by doing their hard work by saying: "If you can make more money than you can ever think of by doing something you like, it makes you proud of what you have achieved".

The Envato Markets is home to many gifted designer, developer and creative people. TheEnvato' web site networks include ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, CodeCanyon, VideoHive, PhotoDune, 3DOcean, AudioJungle and ActiveDen. Ta'eed was brought up in Papua, New Guinea. Ta'eed then went to Australia to learn computer science and mathematics, where after a few short meetings he became good friend with Jun Rung, who studied at the same school.

Ta'eed was so intrigued by the world of digital signage that he shifted his emphasis to graphics and learned it through on-lineutorials, designer guides and journals. It was this way of teaching that inspired Ta'eed to introduce Envato's Tuts+. A few klicks later, Ta'eed began to sell Flash files on iStockPhoto, which in turn brought in a chic $400 a month. What a nice surprise!

This, in turn, led him to the notion of integrating "FlashDen" as one of these 8 Envato pages, a marketplace dedicated solely to Flash files. Flashden was successfully introduced in 2006, but in 2009 the name was converted from Adobe to Adobe Den after a trade mark application.

Originally the company had no formal cofounder, so they recruited an experienced programmer to create the young Flash Den release. Following long years of effort, the company's first offices were set up in the underground car park of Cyan Ta'eed's mother company. Vahid Ta'eed, Colllis Ta'eed's fifth sibling, entered the company as its forth shareholder in 2007.

A few and a half years later, the company started its freelancer blogs and nicknamed them "FreelanceSwitch", then started a Psdtuts+ photo-shoputorial site. One year later, two further locations were added to this market place with the names "ThemeForest" and "AudioJungle", an exclusively commercial centre for sound and stickmusik.

During 2009, the company established an on-line centre for floor images, videos and graphic animations named "VideoHive" and "GraphicRiver", which are intended solely for floor graphic purposes. CodeCanyon " and "Photodune" were launches in 2010 and "3dOcean" in 2011, and housed a broad array of 3-D designs and related components.

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