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Envato / ThemeForest complaints and reviews. Send your complaint or review to Envato / ThemeForest. Is there a way to get a reimbursement? - Envato Market Help Center

Where' s my order code? Is there a way to get a reimbursement? Where can I test the compatibility of elements? Where do I buy an article? Reimbursement enquiries will be sent either to the article writer or to the Envato Help team for verification. Reimbursement claims for articles that are not on ThemeForest or CodeCanyon will be sent directly to Envato.

In the event your reimbursement is rejected by the originator and you do not agree with the ruling, you may file a lawsuit to instruct our help team to examine the issue. Make sure that the element is used for the desired functionality and use ( see article description). For example, is the element interoperable with your copy of Worldpress?

When the product is no longer available, what happens? A number of factors explain why an article can be taken off the shelf and is no longer available for downloading. It is recommended that you retrieve and store an article as soon as you purchase it, but if the article was retrieved before you were able to retrieve it, please read our Envato Store Reference Guidelines to verify that you are entitled to a return.

What was the reason for removing my article?

Customer Service, Complaints and Evaluations

There is no e-mail for customer service list. Because Envato stuck to the authors' cash, I bought 3 licences for drafts that were taken out of the thematic forest by the writers. Mr/Mam, I have an affiliate account and I have added a 1 topic bookshop to my shopping basket, but when I will be paying, there are some problems that do not emanate from all your paying Options.

Mr President, I would like to make a complaint about the subject you are selling in your own coffee cream store, which is an "elite author". He hasn' t updated his topic since 2017, although he pledged to do so a long while ago. I need functions of the "Visual Composer" that are not available for me in the "Retro" bundle.....

Hello, I bought your copy of the Concern themes and began using them. However, the subject has so many mistakes and I began to keep complaining to the writer. As soon as I made a complaint, then they fix the thing and then the error came from other attitudes in the subject. So many mistakes in... in a nutshell.

Yes, you can call customer service. On 26 October 2017 we bought a topic from the forest called BMAG - Magazines Responsive Blogger Template". Like any other blog/magazine topic, it seemed like we were going through the demo before. OI, the writer who has written the Gravity Topic, doesn't come back to me in time.

Poor Envato Service! While I was not happy with the Envato service and asked for a full reimbursement, instead of good customer service I only got a bad one. I' ve called Envato several occasions and asked for a full refund. And.... Don't worry about ThemeForest! Acquired a design and followed all the steps I tried to get it installed.

Don't buy a plugin & codec from the envato codec canyon store you are a full ripp-off. Purchased some plug-ins that didn't work and lodged a claim that they didn't grant a reimbursement and didn't make a statement, but told me to turn to the writer I was waiting for to get an response and.....

Envato/ Your topics don't work! For the service I received from Envato Markets, I payed for it. Thank you. theyeforest. net / Policy should detain all members of this organisation to prevent further fraud.

They took my cash, but they didn't give me a break to show my works to the public.

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