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Personnel selection: Favourite designs & graphics at the moment We have a full collection of unbelievable design objects in our collection, but every single night we see objects that we are particularly enthusiastic about. There are many different styles that we use in our daily work - from useful presentations to stylistic posters - just for pleasure. I' ve asked 6 Envato folks to show and tell their favourite article on Envato Elements and how they use it.

Favourite Elements Items at the moment: I' m a big skin champ, and I like that Elements has a lot of drawing resources and other resources that I can toy with. I will often reuse asset for reporting and presentation that I do in the offices. Honourable mention: Poster on Elements I like very much too.

Favourite Elements Items at the moment: Lots of pictures with features for Envato blog posts, and such graphics packages make it really fast and effortless to put something together! Honourable mention: Favourite Elements Items at the moment: Honourable mention: Having a well selected quotation on a visual appeal based abstraction backdrop is the perfectly straightforward choice for an eye-catching artwork.

Favourite Elementstems at the moment: Sokol KV2 Russian space suit - the Sokol KV2 space suit is so much enjoyable and I am possessed by almost anything that is real and looks pretty real and can deliver an intersecting or shifting component in e-mails or design in general. I used the astronauts and the missile spacecraft for my e-mail message and welcomed new members to our Envato Store e-mails.

Swimming Pool Party Flyer - an article I recently published in an e-mail for the same reasons as above. I had the most difficult period to choose which of Samnivala's poster was my favourite. Those creations are unbelievable, real arts, and I am hoping that one of these days I can do something like this.

Favourite Elements Items at the moment: My spouse recently looked for a Visual to beef up her research posters presented at an educational meeting, and I thought, hey, I wager there's something on Elements, and of course found the perfectly graphics - a great illustrationstile with some funny and interesting variation that' perfectly suited to convey the notion.

Honourable mention: Let?s be honest, with Elements there is no need not to make everything you do look fantastic. At the beginning of a current show I used an adapted copy of this artwork to attract the audience's interest - which is also great that the artist has a number of related artwork with similar animals with similar character and style, so there's a lot of variation here as well.

Favourite Elementtems at the moment: Artmonk Reddo Keynote artwork I like very much and I used it for a recent Envato HQ render. Honourable mention: Usually the most common element I use from Element is background. What is your favourite design object at the moment? Tell us @envato.

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