Envato Earnings

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The number of Envato writers making a living is approaching 1500. According to new figures published today, 1500 writers are close to the number of creative professionals who make 100% of their livelihood by consequently marketing articles on the Envato market. Double as many writers in their home country receive a substantial part of a normal salary, be it in India, Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam or the USA.

In the Envato Fellowship, the number of the " Elite Powers " writers - those who generated more than $1 million in revenue during their Envato period - now surpasses a three-digit figure, with 104 writers exceeding this landmark since the founding of the Envato Group in 2006. It' s because Envato has also exceeded the $600 million barrier in overall payments to its imaginative communities.

The latest landmark is less than 12 month since the firm hit the $500 million landmark and puts Envato on the right path to reaching the $1 billion landmark by 2020. It is also on course to attract more than 10 million members in the next few month. Environment supervises the viable payroll as a way to fulfill its commitment to put the fellowship first.

This number is determined by comparison of the authors' earnings with the GNI PPP (Gross National Income Purchasing Power Parity) of the countries in which they reside. Ben Chan, Chief Commercial Officer, said the firm is proud that its long-standing dedication to the Envato community's continued prosperity has been such a reward.

Envato? What's Envato? Envato was established in 2006 and is the world's premier global fellowship for creating asset and creating individuals. Envato's global ecosystem comprises Envato Markets, Envato Studio, Envato Tuts+ and Envato Elements. More than eight million individuals around the globe buy and dispose of Envato's creativity on the Envato brand with a combined income of more than $500 million.

Dozens of million college undergraduates have attended videotours and free educational trainings through Envato Tuts+, and Envato Studio brings together handpicked professionals to finish their work. The Envato Elements software is a subscriber to the Envato Elements software, which includes hundreds of thousands of ready-to-use graphics, scripts, and asset files available for unrestricted downloading.

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