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Announcement of WordPress Themes & Plugins on Envato Elements The Envato Elements is an indefinite subscriptions program for designer and creative professionals. Today we start WordPress topics and plug-ins on the Envato ElementsTLibrary. We have a font and graphic designs collection, as well as on-line classes, 3-D renderings and more. The WordPress theme is at the heart of what we do at Envato. Now we bring this expert knowledge to Envato Elements by including WordPress topics and plug-ins as a new class.

Several of our best and latest creations will be available for unrestricted downloading on Envato Elements, among them 210 WordPress topics and 100 plug-ins. You can find the ideal motif on our website ?and-?and, downloading archive photographs, graphs, patterns, icon layouts and everything else you need for your website, all for a fixed monthly fee. A thing we've learned from our creators and development team is that accessing a variety of different styling choices is important.

Featuring unrestricted acces to over 300,000 floor photographs, nearly 20,000 graphs and 3-D designs, 1,000 typefaces and more, a Envato Elements plan is a precious asset. We think that by including WordPress topics and plug-ins in this collection, we are creating the value that many artists have been looking for, and that subscriptions could be the way forward for artists and people.

Explore the new WordPress Themes & plug-ins libraries on Envato Elements. Initially, this notice was posted on the Envato blog.

ThemeForest contains WordPress product in Envato Elements.

I got an e-mail from Envato this mornin'. It is an unveiling of Envato announcing that it will add WordPress product to Envato Elements' subscriptions next year. Surely this is great message for Envato and a great move to Elements. But it can also be seen as a new star in the downward spiral within the WordPress world.

This will be interesting to see how this will impact ThemeForest's revenue in the long term. Envato Elements? What is Envato Elements? Envato, the organization behind ThemeForest, CodeCanyon and other favorite markets for consumer electronics in 2016, launched Envato Elements. It is a subscriber services that allows clients to purchase an infinite number of downloadable items such as archive photographs, typefaces, and other asset files for a one-month license only.

Consumers are paying just $29 per months to get immediate online control over millions of online items. Whilst this buisness paradigm seems to be okay for non-support-intensive items such as archive photographs, Envato is now beginning to include additional softwares such as WordPress topics and plug-ins. It is not yet clear how to handle product maintenance for these applications.

However, in its June 2017 announcements, Envato said that there will be no available technical assistance for Envato Elements supplied items. It is doubtful whether consumers will be able to see why they will not receive technical assistance for their acquired work. It can even cause disappointment and bad PR for the affected topic or plug-in-author.

What effect will this amendment have on the writers of ThemeForest and CodeCanyon? It' probably too early to say how this will impact our sale of ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. But if you check the June release review feed-back, many topic and plug-in writers seem profoundly anxious. We do not sell our WordPress topics at ThemeForest or Envato Elements.

Lately, however, I have talked to many ThemeForest writers and most of them are experiencing falling turnover. The reason for this is not only the mature nature of the markets, but also the fact that Envato is constantly implementing changes that do not always seem to be in the best interests of its writers and people.

Several Envato writers have also complained that Envato has been strongly advertising Envato with posters on its favorite markets such as ThemeForest since the introduction of Envato Elements. As a result, clients are driven away from ThemeForest or in favour of Envato Elements. Envato Elements' partner programme is also sold separately.

This means that the million of on-line sellers who have been bringing Envato revenue for years will receive no revenue when consumers choose Elements unless they register for Elements and modify their affilate link. Will Envato kill its market places for Envato Elements? What impact will this have on the WordPress business?

We have been in the business for several years and the overall situation has definitely evolved. Recently Scott Bolinger has released a great article on the topic of postal status in which he talks about why the WordPress products are now totally different. When it comes to WordPress topics at least, the markets are overcrowded and full.

Marketing a WordPress topic has become tremendously timeconsuming and costly to reach an appropriate number of people. Conversely, large companies such as Automattic, Envato or other WordPress topics treat like goods that are available at very low costs. Simultaneously, they earn billions with their own personal product and subscriptions.

I' m not sure if this is sufficient, considering how much effort and effort it costs to create, manage and sustain a trusted WordPress topic in the long run. There are some who would say that price needs to rise rather than fall to create a level playing field.

WordPress seems to have a tendency to offer WordPress themed and plug-in writers third parties for the benefit of large companies providing third parties with quarterly subscriptions. One recent example was AUTOMATIC, which offers unrestricted topics as a month pass in Jetpack and now Envato, which offers virtually everything as an unrestricted free low cost free trial.

Whilst many freelance software engineers have a tough job convincing clients that they need to be properly rewarded and that developing software, supporting it and maintaining it is very timeconsuming, others are doing everything they can to make clients understand that WordPress software is inexpensive and not really valuable.

Many small and independant WordPress companies seem likely to have difficulties to be successful soon. This is also due to the fact that the overall situation in the markets is undergoing fundamental changes. There' s a mature business climate, big companies have begun to aggressively promote at the cost of those who made them big, and then there' the contentious Gutenberg case where quite a few designers have questioned the prospects of WordPress as a CMS for professionals.

How do you see the WordPress business in 3-5 years? It' d be interesting to see how you are doing, especially if you are a WordPress topic or a plug-in writer who has been with us for a few years. You think the business climate has shifted? How do you see Envato Elements, which includes WordPress tools?

What do you think of the WordPress industry, which is influenced by large companies or Gutenberg?

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