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Email Marketing / Templates / Newsletter. What can I do to update my email adress? - Envato Market Help Center

What can I do to modify my name? Where can I reset my passwort? What can I do to update my email adress? What can I do to cancel my membership? When you know your Envato user name and password: Sign up for Envato here: https://account.envato.com/. Should you be unable to log into your Envato accounts or no longer have full use of the email addresses you used to sign up for your Envato accounts, please get in touch with the Envato help group.

What can I do to cancel my membership? What can I do to modify my name?

I' m not getting the confirmation email - Envato Market Help Center

Which is the registration confirmation? If you have not recieved a confirmation e-mail, use this guide to correct errors: Include do-not-reply@envato.com in your contact or contact list or white list this email date. When you have reviewed all the above items and still have not recieved the confirmation email, please contact our help team.

Which is the registration confirmation? What can I do to update my email adress?

Reactive email templates - Envato

Responsible web site development is widely recognized on the web as a great way to display websites on a variety of different equipment. Not always was it - when the reactive designs were still in their early stages, there were those who said no and those who hesitated to get on the train. Why didn't the response email look the same way, my questions and the reasons for this is?

E-mail client does not handle JS requests and makes it difficult to create an appealing look because it is designed for the web. Luckily, Zurb's hurdles jumper users generated highly reactive e-mails without requesting information from the press, and they provided a templating engine for others to try. Disadvantage is that Outlook 2007-2013 is not fully featured, which restricts the client database that allows easy emailing.

For those who only want to be able to view on the go or trust that their client list is not using Outlook, these template files are certainly a good choice for engaging email options. But the good thing is that this may be less of a concern in the future - if you look at some of the information from CampaignMonitor, it seems that email read trend is moving so quickly towards a smart phone majority that it would be advisable to make sure your email is appealing to your wireless users.

Clear text e-mails respond in a natural way, which makes them efficient on all machines. It' s hard enough to make email look good in a number of email client applications without considering how those HTML mails will look on a portable machine. No one wants to pince and press on their smart phone screens to push through an important email.

In order to get the best of both worlds and get an email that's legible on a variety of machines, yet offers all the convenience and best possible usability, there's no better way than an appealing email theme. I have seen some e-mail submissions that appear here on ThemeForest, that support smartphone newsletter, and that are of interest as traffic increases.

They do the work by giving the users a better feel, and they mark all the checkboxes when it comes to email client, but they are not really reactive tools because they work by reducing the size of the email and not by reactive technologies. Considering the move to mobiles and the interest and assistance from the "big players" in email gaming (see MailChimp's Research and Guidance, and Spirit Hub if you're looking for more evidence), now is a good moment to invest in appealing email submissions.

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