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Requirements for submitting Facebook templates - Envato Market Help Center

Your clients use Facebook template to build Facebook page tab pages. Facebook page holders use these tabbed pages to better involve their audiences. Facebook template can be of two types: They are similar to the page styles on Themeforest, but have a width of either 620px or 710px, so they match the width limitations of Facebookabs.

Below are the specifications for submitting standard Facebook templates: CurrentĀ JS library and tag marks are necessary. Requires a width of 510px, but you can specify both a width of either 620px or 610px. They are similar to CMS theme pages on Themeforest, but have a width of either 620px or 710px, so they match the width of Facebook tabs:

Requires a width of 510px, but you can specify both a width of either 620px or 610px. Explanation informing the client that they must have an SSL Certificates in order to build a Facebook page. How to set up enhanced functions that are built into Facebook.

Catherine Liu on books, blogs, empathy and Facebook design

Seven Frequently Asked Question for our interviews Design/Shine. Stanford-based Katherine Liu is a graduate of Stanford University in England. She was asked a few question about her work for our Design/Shine Interviews franchise, a new franchise from Envato that highlights talent woman in the areas of fashion and engineering. Its name is a pitch to illustrate the theoretical, a term used in many sectors and areas and even recently by White House females.

It'?s Katherine: I am a Graphical Products Creator and study Symbolic ?basically - ?basically, Humanities with a strong engineering focus. I have a backgrounds as a project developer from my days at Facebook and Salesforce, where I create workflow and interaction for various interface and system, but I also do a great deal of illustrations and graphics work on the sidelines for pleasure.

My passion for designing is because it's a kind of solution that attaches great value to man. What made you decide to study architecture? Though I didn't know it was, I began to do some graphical designing, and I spend a large part of my spare hours making poster and collage.

Coincidentally, I ran into someone who gave me an introduction to the business by doing my first UI designing placement, which was an astounding, messy thing to do, as I had only done poster work before, but somehow they relied enough on me to recreate their whole website and customer system!

It was really my first foretaste of how designing can go beyond the print page, into something alive that humans can relate to. However, I think that the solution to problems in designing, user listen and trying to work towards a ?all all has always attracted me. Which are some of your favourite currents in recent years?

I' m not sure if this is a "trend", but I really like the fact that there has been an increasing sense of barrier-free access in recent times. There has been a recent paper on how the web is becoming illegible, and organizations like the Khan Academy are developing visual access toolskits that help web site designer and developer realize what it means to build for a broader public.

C: I'm probably the most proud of the work I've done on Facebook and Salesforce, but I can't discuss it in detail because some of these functions are still under construction (so exciting)! Though most of my work is digitally based, I also enjoy working with ?I' who have been working a great deal with risk pressure lately.

I am also working on a couple of guidebooks from my last rucksack journey in Japan, a zipine anthology on luck and reflexion, and a couple of illustrative works that supporteminism! So if you had to give a budding fashion designer a readable novel, what would it be? One of my favourites is also the first ever I' ve ever seen about designing, Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug - I, which remembers having seen a little of it every day during my first placement at Krug - I, and it really influenced my attitude towards ease of use.

It' help me realise that designing is much more than visual representations, and how much we have as a designer we have. What kind of directions do you as a graduate see in the area of designing in the near term? Apart from the styling, what else inspires/influences your work? Also, I adore ?the?the Papers I've reread are a tremendous resource of inspirational.

For 2016, my aim was to have thirty reading this year, and I'm just on twenty-five! While I' m reading a little about theme writing, I also enjoy reading a whole bunch of literature, a whole bunch of literature and literature. Photographs and designs by Katherine Liu. Find more interview from this series:

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