Envato Footage

Envato film footage

Watch 18 stunning examples of stock video on Envato panels No matter whether you want to contextualize a shot, make a seamless transitions between shots, or just captivate an audiences with beautiful images, your audio -visual projects can be as rich as your floor-material. Here are 18 of the most beautiful samples you can find in this new Envato Elements group. A 10 second, 4k timelapse movie showing a rose, lilac and turquoise evening sky on a calm and solitary sea. In this 10 second long 10 second long movie a fullmoon looks and is hiding behind a thin haze of cloud in the darkness of the skies. A fascinating film showing the effect of a drop on a river and the waves it produces.

Even the gear wheels of a ticking watch can be breathtaking. The archive footage is a vivid testament to the passing of an age. Watch this movie showing a jacuzzi made of brewed lager in Slow-Moving. There is nothing to suggest a "feast" like a firework display in the evening skies. This next clip will show you the forms of a lucky and full of energy mass that enjoys a good evening at a dance, gig or dancehall.

Strong, daunting and tempting, this clouded skies with dramatically flashes of sunlight provide a totally electric film. This next floor clip shows an extremely close-up of a student in motion as he stretches and shrinks to let the lights in. There is a splash on rock as the pigeons' silhouettes unfold their wing to fly in this 11-second natural film.

Apart from the anesthesia, this 35-second movie will make you hunger with thick, black cocoa being shed. There are some really nice things that can be created by Mother nature, such as the one recorded from a prune blossom in this stick film. Red, yellow and orange are exploding in a fast paced chemistry response in this film.

There is something magic about blizzards of blizzard falling to the floor on a black darkness day, and this is what this tape shows. Dragonfish's elegant appearance as it floats and the depth blues of the waters make this a stunning film. These stick videos show nightlife seen through a low fixed corner and surrounded by a charming illuminated outline.

Nearly the opposite of the one before, this tape is an air photograph leading through the frozen countryside of a snow-covered forrest. Actually, you can sense the heat coming from this next one. Irrespective of whether you decide on one of the samples listed here or browse through the fine range of Envato Elements, you are sure to purchase floor videomaterial that will give your audio visual projects the added excitement they need.

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